Feature request: toggle Uniti Atom display on/off with remote

This morning I pressed the ‘sun’ button on the remote of my Uniti Atom and I suddenly realised that it would be really useful to be able to toggle display on/off as well using this button.

It could toggle through theses modes:

  • bright button lights
  • medium dimmed button lights
  • maximum dimmed button lights
  • maximum dimmed button lights with screen off (new)
  • no lights and screen off / dark mode (new)

This way you can conveniently select the amount of light emitted by the device. I assume this can be implemented for the full Uniti range as well as the modern streamers easily.

What do you think?


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Great idea. @Naim.Marketing, is there a home for where we can log these feature requests please ? My Cambridge CX UHD Blu-ray has this very feature, which is really nice.

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Yeah would love to dim the spaceship looking Nova that sits near my window in the office lighting up the room permanently. The light that volume knob kicks out is brutal. Probably would be more ‘green’ also.

@Turbofeet, @Tamarin, @PhilippVH and @davidng are voting for this feature as well. In particular, suggestion to:

  1. More dimming capabilities - beyond existing 3 levels.
  2. Isolate light control between volume knob and buttons. For example, turn off button lights while volume knob remains lit.
  3. Enable light control via app. Perhaps at cog > other settings > display.

Thank you. :pray:

I assume we don’t want any of the aforementioned feature enhancements if there’s high risk of significant negative impact to SQ.

Cc @Naim.Marketing, @Richard.Dane

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On the face of it, being able to defeat illumination completely (except briefly when a function is selected) seems like a very good idea. I’m sure Clare will be taking note here.


All I want is the ability to select “screen off” on a particular input, HDMI for example. I like the screen on normally but when watching a movie I have to go into settings to change it as my atom is just under the tv. I suppose the remote function mentioned would be a help.


I would be really happy when the ‘Turn off during playback’ display settings would also turn off the backlight of the facia buttons. To me them staying lit kind of defeats the usefulness of that feature. If I have a row of bright buttons down the right hand side anyway I might as well have the screen on.

The (dimmed) logo I have less of a view on, it’s subtle enough (when dimmed).

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And additionally, the dimming should be controllable by app. Although I would really say the feature request should be: All functionalities should be controllable by the app.

I, like I imagine most people, have no real need for the clutter of additional remotes (plus the specific one is unnecessarily bulky on top), so keeping it around for features like this is a bit silly. Hence the remote is stored away and as such I have no way of controlling some features. Minor & unimportant ones, but still.

Display is really distracting during movies. Would be a really useful feature

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+1 All lights off!

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Another nice one might be to only turn on the display if there’s something (artwork, song title etc.) to display, not if it just shows an input icon.

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