Feed in Tariff Payments

Anybody using Octopus to manage the feed in tariff payments from their solar panels?I moved electricity supply to Octopus some time ago and have been very pleased with their online approach, but I left the FIT’s with SSE. That was alright for a while but now their systems often don’t record panel meter readings I send in, or mistakes are made, so I’m thinking of swapping to Octopus.

I’d like to hear of any experience good or bad with Octopus and FIT payments.

When i swopped energy supplier I too left FIT with SSE.
Although I had arguments with them a while ago I have found them OK for many years with prompt payment.
(I think they got rapped by Common’s committee over delayed payments).
Sorry no experience of Octopus.

Thanks for the feedback, interesting about the Common’s committee I hadn’t heard that.

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