Feel-good music

I’m not really talking about undisputed classics we may or may not like, but simply stuff that cheers you up.

Over the last year or so my mood has been up and down. Am I alone in finding that often music played reflects that?

So when particularly miserable/grumpy I’d play similar themed music - Marilyn Manson/Rammstein, lots of Gary Numan, loud music with huge bass synth riffs, or maybe thrash metal for example.

Other things cheer me up and make me smile.

ABBA, The Carpenters, London Grammar (may be sombre at times but just enjoyable), and today:


Portsmouth Sinfonia?

(For example - their lovely rendition of The Blue Danube; that always cheers me up.)

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Will check it out.

Jonathan Richman every time.

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With or without his Modern Lovers?

Both. Later Modern Lovers from the 18980s onwards were wonderful.

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Try Windsor Davies dancing to Egyptian Lovers in Grandslam - hilarious! Of its time I know.

Just heard this over the tannoy at Asda. Took me back to when I was a teenager and lager was 50p a pint. :grinning:

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You did say ‘London Grammar’ right?

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I’ll raise you…when life was normal…

Even better…


Shabini by Bhundu Boys.

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Songs for Swingin’ Lovers - Sinatra
Trout Quintet - Schubert
A lot of 60’s pop. Including The Loving Spoonful.

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Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen or Johnny Cash…
Or all 3!

Interesting, i think most people would not place those in the feel-good category :slight_smile:

Not anything I would play, but surely for feel good music you need Dr Feelgood!

Leonard Cohen - feel good - really??!

I was being facetious…

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You know, anything by Stephane Grappelli, Django Reinhardt and the Quintette du Hot Club de France always puts a smile on my face.

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I find music generally makes me feel good, including, or particularly, the cathartic effect of some things other people dismiss as depressing, but which can leave me rejuvenated (a fair bit of prog goes there, likewise tragic opera). But otherwise for more superficial or readily accessible feel good effect, how about:

Beatles “All you need is love*
Love Sculpture Sabre dance
Focus Hocus pocus
Twelfth Night Love song
Edgar Broughton Evening over rooftops
In fact any ‘anthemic’ song!