Feet marks

An Olive 250 i used to have quite a few years back now left its mark not only upon me but unfortunately on my Isoblue rack too. I take it to be some sort of residue from the rubber feet which has been absorbed by the wood. Apart from covering the offending marks with an appropriate classic sized box is there another way to safely remove the feet marks ?


The rubber gets embedded quite deeply into the wood grain.
It’s fixable, I’ve had a go with rubber stains on a sideboard but wasn’t able to completely remove it & to match the lacquer/polish. I gave it to a pro-furniture restorer who have the tools & know-how & he did a real top job, invisible.

My Supercaps took some prising to get them to release their grip on the glass shelves of my rack last week. The rubber on the newer boxes seems to go quite soft over time. I wonder if that helps or hinders performance? Is it worth moving them slightly on a regular basis to prevent them from sticking?

Thanks Mike - it does look more like a stain than left over rubber. The later kit i’ve had no issues with but the old rubber feet seemed more problematic

That’s nothing!!
I left my remove control monster truck on our teak dining room table for a week or two…
The rubber tyre marks are enormous and unmovable…Mrs JTS still hasn’t forgiven me and it was over a year ago …

I think sometimes it can be that the wood that is in sunlight for a prolonged time is very slightly lightened and if something is sitting on top to stop the light getting to the wood, that part of the wood can end up being slightly darker than the surroundings.

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The Isoblue I had was exactly the same. Maybe it’s the lacquer they use. The solution, I’d suggest, is just to suck it up. It would probably cost more to have it professionally sorted out than to buy new shelves.

I’ve the same problem on my Isoblue. The rubber feet on my CDX2 have left a circular stain, but I just cover the stain with equipment.

Thanks folks - not a big problem but i wondered if there was an easy fix. Looks like it’s either suck it up or by a couple of Naim boxes… decisions, decisions…

Damn you, James, you’re making me paranoid now! I’ve had an Isoblue rack for a few years now, and no problems so far, but all my Naim boxes are relatively new.
Rubber can degrade and soften with age, so even if the olive stuff used the same feet, it could just be age related. Maybe some Fraim glass + cups & balls would be a timely upgrade…or perhaps just a bit of bog paper?

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Don’t worry Chris - i’ve had a fair bit of Naim kit on and off my rack over the years and only the Olive 250 left a lasting impression so i think you’ll be fine…

I have the same issue on my Quadraspire. Nothing would get the marks off.

If you, like me, don’t like top shelf hifi and like to keep things under an extra top shelf, it becomes less of an issue as the top shelf is generally never used.

Same issue here on Hutter. Can see some of them but mostly the boxes and boxed sets cover it up. Frustrating though as it instantly reduces the sell-on value if I wanted to upgrade the shelving.

This is exactly what has occurred in the photo. The ring is the original colour, the rest has faded from sunlight.

Not quite Mike - the wood is the same colour as it always has been (it’s oak) and there are 4 brown stains where the feet on the 250 sat on the shelf.

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My Isoblue’s the same; I’ve got Naim boxes covering the marks though!

Could well be oil seeping out of the rubber which has stained the wood. Good luck trying to shift it😕

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