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Downsizing seems even more appealing as I can’t really muck about at the back of the system and deal with wiring anymore. Was wondering if anyone has any listening experience with audionet watt integrated and / or the mola mola kula integrated amp? Keeping in mind I’m still planning to play vinyl and digital.

Never even heard of them, I downsized to a Nova, Powerline, Witch :woman_mage: Hat Phantoms and Graham Slee .

Very happy

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Another way is to explore active speakers - I did this with ATC and disposed of nap300 (2 boxes) and expensive super lumina - for me it was an upgrade that returned a healthy profit!

If you choose active then you have further opportunities to reduce box count with a streaming pre

I tried some other brands but they lacked the “punch” Naim have so worth engaging a good dealer.


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You say you are planning to play digital; does that mean keeping the CD player? Do you have music on a hard drive or is it all streamed over the internet? Do you want to keep the NDX2? The Mola Mola has an optional DAC so you’d need a streamer, whereas the Audionet is analogue so you’d need streamer and DAC, hence the NDX2 question. A Linn would be an alternative - one box with phono stage, just add active speakers or a power amp and the Dynaudios you want. If you can live with something cheaper maybe a Supernait 3 would do it, ditch the CD player and tuner and use iRadio on the NDX2. Do you want to keep the Aura. Maybe Linn’s onboard Urika would tidy things up.

Sorry for all the questions but there are so many unknowns.

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As you have the NDC2, the SN3 would seem the best Naim option, otherwise another integrated with an onboard phono stage.

Why would you need to muck about with wiring behind your system once it is set up?

I thought the same, if anything ditching the vinyl would probably save the footsteps the most.

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Footsteps is part of the problem - I have some mobility problems so even the initial set-up is a problem. For now I’m staying where I am so I do have a double wide quadraspire so a complete reduction is not necessary. I plan to keep my sources as is. Both those amps offer internal dac and phono stage but for now the ndx2 and lp-12,with aura, cd5 and tuner5 would remain. My other option is going to 552 and 300 but that would be significantly more $$ even on the used market. Granted the lp-12 and the collection is more of a luxury (to use) these days, but I’m too old and set in my ways to ditch them.

I can only personally talk to the Supernait 3, a lovely amp and very accomodating, I’ve hears good things said of the Mola Mola kit, I guess where you are in the world skews brand choice and price points as well inevitably.

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