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Hi, i use a cisco 2960 connected to a netgear router by 1m of om2. I then have 10m cat 6 from the cisco i to my innuos streamer. I wish to replace the 10m cat cable with om2 fiber as the
cable has to run under a rug and the fiber cable is a lot thinner.

Is there any benefit in adding another cisco or even a sonore optical module, so the chain would be - netgear - om2 cisco - om2 cisco/sonore - 1m cat 6 to streamer. Or just relocate existing cisco?

Might be cheaper to use a mesh wireless router. No cables required.

Is running the Ethernet cable outside in a conduit an option ?

I’m not sure if a conduit is even necessary. Many of the Ethernet cables are okay for exterior use I think.

You can use exterior grade Ethernet cable which has a tougher sheath and is UV resistant, or use regular cable in conduit.

What’s wrong with fiber? What you’re suggesting seems to be a more complex solution than running the fiber under the carpet like the op suggested.

@lazyscott I would just use a second switch at the other end, but then again I’m not much of a believer in an audible difference between ethernet cables and/or switches.

Not really, i am simply running the cable from one side of the room to the other. We were going to get new flooring (carpet) so i had planned to run the cable underneath (and still will when that happens). So was thinking that thin fiber cable might be less obtrusive even if bright orange!

I run fibre into a 2960 from a cheap TLink fmc. This isolates the 2960 from the rest of the home network. The 2960 is only used for music.
Works a treat for me and no intention / need to tweak any further.

Hi raym, thanks for the reply. Do you mind saying which model fmc do you use? as there are so many different ones out there.

@lazyscott TPLink MC200 CM.

This is what I do in the office, 15 feet of fiber under carpet, otherwise it would be 35 feet of rj45 around the outer perimeter from a closet about 5 feet across from the DAC. Fiber is so much easier to hide, though there is flat rj45 out there. A second 2690 would work fine, though the oM (deluxe) might sound subtly better.

My setup is a 2960 with two fiber outs - one goes multimode to a 10gtek FMC in the office (as above); the other SFP goes multimode to an oM, then short BJC Cat 6a to another oM, then single mode fiber to an opticalRendu. Three fiber bridges for the main room - plenty of isolation!

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I found the 10gtek FMC (a freebie when I bought a demo oR from Sonore) to sound better than the TP-Link 200 I was using. The oM’s are better than both, but it’s subtle and an etherRegen is probably a better investment, but it wasn’t out when I bought the oM bridge.


Hi Charles, thanks for the info. I’m thinking of going the ER route, as the Sonore OM is out of stock and the ER isn’t heaps more.

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Not all fibre is orange! Mine is a dull grey colour which is reasonably unobtrusive.

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