Filter or Hicap

Hi everybody!

I am really surprised by the great sound quality of the ifi signature dac on my nait xs2 / Harbeth setup.

The dac has a „noise cancelling“ power supply, which at least seems to be part of the secret here.

Does anybody have experience with comparing the ifi purifier filters and / or external power supplies from naim / combination of all?


I suppose you are talking the pro idsd signature, the dac is great I have the non signature version upgraded with the ipower elite 15v, is a great dac the Ifi power supply makes some difference on the pro idsd also on the signature. The pro idsd is a dac that sounds very good and has a lot of functionality, mine is connected to a pair of focal solo 6be and a sotm sms200 ultra with an sps500 a great adding for the pro idsd and great to stream Roon.

Ifi produces great dac’s, the power products are less attractive but they work great but not on the level of others at the same price.

The zen stream also is a good product for Roon, sounds great.

But the ipower elite does not sound better than an sbooster, is a good silent power supply, but an sbooster is better and more musical, produces better image and has more body with the pro idsd.

The ipower elite e a good power supply, but not my favorite, I have two of them but on systems I use less.

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I once bought some devices that were supplied without suitable UK power supplies, so I bought some iFi iPower PSUs to run them. I was quite surprised by how electrically noisy these supplies were given their fancy noise cancelling claims, and their performance was adequate, but really nothing special.
How the power supply in your DAC compares with this I wouldn’t know, but if it sounds good I guess it doesn’t matter.

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In fact i am using the Zen signature… good enough

Thanks for the ideas

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The power supply will also be good on the zen signature, a good upgrade to the ifi iusb 3.0. The zen and the iusb 3.0 from ifi, the pairing of the two is great, bigger soundstage , but if possible try before you buy, because what worked for me does not necessarily will work for you.

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