Filtering Albums in the Naim app

I am in general very happy with the Naim App (I use the iOS version with the NDX2), especially compared to using the Qobuz App and TuneIn app with Google Chromecast in the past.
The selection I use most is ALBUMS. However the more favorites I add to my albums, the more I want to filter.
I wonder if other people also miss the possibility to filter on Genres (e.g. Hip-Hop, Classical, Pop) as the Qobuz app has?
The other issue is that one has to first scroll down and select More to see all the albums and be able to search within the albums. I would prefer if I select ALBUMS that I would see immediately all the albums and have the ability to search. Do other people agree with that?

You raise a good point, if you use a local music store you can browse your collection by genre, artist, composer, etc. but if you use Qobuz you just get a single long list. I have the impression that this is an area of the app that Naim would like to develop further, but I guess they are too engrossed in solving the dreaded screen freeze issue right now.
Perhaps you should give Roon a try? Plenty of ways to search there, including by genre of course, and the source of your collection (local, Tidal or Qobuz) becomes irrelevant.

I can do without the Genres, but the More being below the first view (and scrolled off by default) is terrible and Naim knows it, as it is at the top on iOS (not in front of me right now, but I am pretty sure). Not sure if you can search immediately on iOS but might be, which I agree would be good on Android too

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