Finally pulled the trigger on the ND555

If I had told my two-years-ago-self I was going to order something like this he would have laughed hysterically and then slapped me senseless.

But here I am… having to wait for two long weeks now with aching anticipation.

I’m using my SN2 as a power amp to the 282… so it will be interesting to hear how the nd555 compares with the SN2 integrated vs the 282.

Just hope focal naim USA don’t take too long to deliver… but given the current situation I can certainly be patient.


I hope that it brings real joy with music and a sense of pride in it’s ownership

I hope you’ve ordered/have got the requisite power supply for it too?

Congratulations. Tis rather lovely, the ND555 (got mine last August)

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:small_blue_diamond:This is a real “Source First” decision to your music-system,.Congratulations.

Stay safe…

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Congratulations, its a wonderful streamer.

Lucky you! Unfortunately all the time I have to pay alimony to the ex-wife it is a bit out of my price range :frowning:

The ND555 is a real joy to listen to. I’ve had mine since 2018, and listen to it most days.

Hope yours also brings lots of pleasure - it is a very special component.


Quite a year you have had, I hope you can enjoy the new addition…

April 2019: Just recently upgraded my system from focal 906 speakers and Cambridge Audio integrated amp, cxa60, to Focal Kanta No 1 and Naim Supernait 2. (Kept the Cambridge 851N streamer)

December 2019: I went for the ND5 XS2 (with an SN2). Can’t say I heard a big improvement over sound but to be fair I didn’t test both in home with the same set of speakers. But my personal assessment came down to value for money. I felt that the nd5 represented a lot better value vs the incremental SQ the ndx2 could provide to these cloth ears. I might have liked the option to upgrade the power supply but the XPS is not a cheap unit - so here in the states those two boxes together retail at a staggering (for me) $14,000.

I’m sure it will bring you a lot of pleasure
Deffo the best digital source in the world at the moment

Sadly I’m slumming it with an NDS / 555

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Well done! You are in for a real treat, although you will yet find yourself putting your hand in your pocket now and again to maximise the experience.


Congratulation you will not regret it, while you will realize that the rest of the chain will hold the ability of your new toy a bit back. Anyhow good to first invest like you did, also when you don’t upgrade further.

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Great news and I’m sure you will be enjoying the experience soon! everyday the ND555 suprises me.

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The problem I noticed is the more I’ve been listening to music on my system, I’ve been enjoying it more than I thought possible… which in turn has lead me to upgrade sooner than I ever thought I would.

The only logical conclusion, I’ve decided, is once I receive my 555 is not to listen to it and then I’m guaranteed not to upgrade :nerd_face:


Just received my 555 today. OMG, that’s enough.


@Pipdan Oohhh… tell me more! I think I’m in for at least a fortnight’s wait

Just spent 4 hours listening to, no actually enjoying my teenage son’s music. Goose bumps, hairs on end, tappy feet and more. Probably going to get tinnitus now but i don’t really care.

555 into a 552, with a 300DR driving Fact12s. Maybe i need a 500DR now - doh!


I think the real measure of the quality of the ND555 is that I have found myself listening more than ever before since I got it. To be fair the rest of the system has probably run in during 2019, too, so improvements not solely due to ND555. Spent too long working in front of it over the last 6-7 months instead of having the proper IT set up upstairs. Ho hum!

The 500 is only a matter of time.

I have the same system. I love the Fact 12s. I have the same itch to upgrade to a 500 to get even more out of the speakers. Enjoy your system. Mike