Finally the sound is back!

I turned my system off last week because of the storms we’ve had in the UK, in my case London. It’s taken just over a week, but listening tonight the music is back. I’ve had this experience a few times because usually I don’t turn anything off. It’s quite incredible that after several days and several hours tonight it suddenly clicks; bass, focus, PRaT, dynamics!!! Lovely.


I only have a Unitilite, which is generally left on. However, for a variety of reasons I have to turn it off, along with NAS on switch.

When I do this, it is like returning to a new system. Things seem more relaxed and clearer.

It could just be a trick of my hearing, but it is noticeable.

Its crap when it takes so long to warm up, very poor design really.
Its like having a kettle that takes a week to boil, you soon throw it away lol

Your in for a treat if it sounds good now, mine sounds crap for a week after a prolonged power down!

Good things come to those who wait?! :joy::wink:

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Try not eating for a week then have a hard boiled egg…


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Eggsactly whats needed …?!

I tend to turn my pre and power amps off these days. They get hot, and heat tends to reduce the life of things.
These amps do sound brittle for the first 30 mins or so after switching on, but after that there is no detectable change in sound.
But, with the recent warm weather I do notice the cases of the amps does get quite warm. Warmer than in the winter. But no surprise there. As my power amp sits on the bottom rack and the gap to the next shelf is only 45mm, it will not be able to shift its heat via convection as would be desirable.
So, when others are hearing improvements after week, what’s going on with their kit? Is it the circuits are fully charged, more stable or what?
I’d have thought most kit is up to its operating temperature after an hour at the most?

It sounds astonishing but it really does take up to a week for my system to start sounding optimal after it has been switched off. I can switch it off for half an hour and it will still take a week to get back up to it’s best. I’ve worked in sound studios for years and the kit is never turned off. Switching on and off causes more damage to the equipment, leaving it on retains the best sound and that’s certainly the case with mine.

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Turned my system on from being off for a few days due to the storms.

I left it playing for a couple of hours while doing some gardening. I have now been listenening to it all day and it sounds superb. At first listen I was surprised by the SQ. I guess I had lost sight of how good it sounds.

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I’ve just picked up my NAIT 3 from its summer holiday at a religious retreat in Salisbury, and can’t wait to hook it back up. I’m interested in the science vs gut feeling regarding leaving them on all the time. I have always left mine on, but I can’t say I have ever conducted listening tests to back this up.

I was just going to post this when I realised exactly what this retreat in Wiltshire was.

“If it’s a silent order I bet you are popular there?”

I think I’ve just saved myself a whole heap of embarrassment!

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