Finding the IP address of my Superuniti

Okay guys I have just brought a Superuniti and have connected to my wifi. So I already have the Naim app loaded on my phone (I’m using an ND5XS in another system) but when I press add a room there’s no option for a Superuniti…a few others but not that🤔 What do do folks.

It says I can add as an IP address but where do I find that??

Thanks guys.


Not saying this is a dead cert but it’s what I might try if I was stuck…

Your SU will be getting an IP address from your Wi-Fi router.
Log in to your router and you might be able to see a list of the IP addresses currently active on the network.

If you then turn off your SU then the IP address that disappears will be it.

Failing that, presume there might be some menu option on the SU but I don’t know.

I have two approaches:

  1. Use the app Network Analyzer (on an iOS device) which shows you every device attached to your network
  2. Find the device via File Explorer, Networks on a Win 10 PC on your network and right click then select properties. IP address is the last item under Troubleshooting Information

There are probably other solutions.

Okay guys… I took the nuclear option and changed the primary network password and all is good. Now streaming Tidal to my heart’s content.

Just got to change the password on my ND5XS, TV, missus phone, daughters phone (or maybe I won’t) Laptop and central heating controller :frowning:

Gotta say my late, late Superuniti (Dec '16) playing Tidal wirelessly into my Acoustic energy AE1’s (on early AE stands that weigh a ton) sounds cracking. :+1::+1:.

Thanks for the ideas and suggestions…it’s appreciated.


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There is an app called Fing. If you put it on your phone you can find the IP of everything in your house. You may not need it now but it may be handy in future.


Agree with HH, or Net Analyzer if you’re a bit more techie.


I no longer have an SU but I do remember you could find the IP address in settings (spanner button on remote?) either under Network or About. A bit vague but it’s definitely in there somewhere as I had to connect to the SU via the IP address when upgrading firmware.

If you have the Naim app you can find the IP address in settings under about.

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