Fine tuning for Nova and Neat Ekstra

Good morning to the whole community and thank you for your attention.
I am a happy owner of Uniti Nova, piloting a pair of Neat Ekstra via Naca 5 cables.
The sound is satisfying, very natural and rich in nuance, as well as powerful and in the meantime relaxing.
Unfortunately, following prolonged listening (assuming that I keep it on for hours and hours, inserting the radio in streaming) I noticed that some passages in the mid-range are a bit blurred, as if a thread of refinement and clarity were missing in the exposure of the musical message in particular on classical music, on the voices in particular that are a bit backward.
Through Roon (via QUBUZ in hires) I tried to implement some corrections in the 250/500 hz + 3db range and a slight attenuation of the low range, but without appreciable results.
Maybe it is worth considering a total overhaul of the wiring, including the replacement of the power cable and a better fine-tuning of the position of the speakers?
They told me that the power line would improve the situation, but it is a cost of about 800 eu that I don’t feel like dealing with unless the result is truly guaranteed.
Others argue that naca5 are now inadequate cables.
I personally believe in this system, and I would like to try to improve it, if possible without incurring exaggerated expenses.
Thanks for your suggestions and sorry for my poor english language.

There are 2 things that made a real improvement to my Nova. The first was to upgrade the power cable but rather than spend £600 on a Powerline I bought a Power Black from Sean Jacobs (Custom Hifi Cables) for £120. There are a fair few fans of Sean Jacobs cables here and I found it gave a real lift for a sensible price.
The other big improvement was an English Electric 8 switch which again made a significant difference. These are about £500 but if you get the chance to have a trial I would go for it. I would think about trying these 2 things before changing your speakers

I live in Italy, the cables you indicate to me are not marketed by us.
Thanks a lot.


Nice system. Nothing wrong with Naca 5. What power lead comes with the Uniti? Is it a Powerline lite if not that might be a compromise? But most I would suggest you experiment with speaker position. 5 or 10cms can make all the difference or a little tow in.

Finally, don’t forget that although the Nova is excellent it is a one box solution and the Ekstra is a big speaker to fill so there will be some compromise.



Blurred performance is most certainly not down to Nova amp or Neat speakers, neither Naca5, provided plugs are properly soldered.
Must be source material, hence no point in changing the Ekstra’s

I have blurred performance on my Superuniti on certain public radio/TV material, not sure there’s much to do about it.

Can you post a picture of your system?
What are the speakers cables?
It would help

Ok. But other power cables and switches are available in Europe. The point is that they can make a real improvement to the Nova

Personally I dont think changes made to power cables will make a bigger difference that what is obtainable using DSP … I am using the ROON Parametric EQ available for free in ROON and it gives a huge range of adjustment to the sound , and there are further enhancements available using Home Audio Fidelity ( HAF ) filters for a small cost tuned to your system / room.
There are some very favourable reviews here on this forum

Good morning.
Speaker cables ae NAC A5 3,5 m for each speakers.
Thanks for suggestions

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Neither do I.

Cables can change or improve, but not solve problems earlier in chain.

From what you write it would seem that I have made a good choice anyway.
I’ll try to optimize everything.
Does the power cord need to be changed?
A thousand thanks

Are the speakers on dedicated stands? Is there enough space around and between the speakers?

I’d look into separate spur installation before any power cable fix.

As indicated, source material might be your issue.
Indeed if you manage to perform excellent by other sources.
Your Nova and Ekstra is just excellent hifi stuff, as it should be price considered.

I wasn’t quite sure if this was a permanent thing, that you’d noticed after a while as you’d got used to the sound of the system. Or if it developed during a long listening session only? So the same piece of music suffered only after the system had been playing for hours, but when played “fresh” it sounded great?

If it’s the latter then thinking about what mechanisms might cause that could be worth it. Units getting hot? Listener getting tired!?

I wonder if it might be a software issue somewhere in the chain too, though tracking that down likely to be nigh on impossible X)

Also, see Warm running Nova… thread, wonder if the issues are related?

I think the Ekstra’s need a bit of power to really shine. I appreciate this may not be much help

There is often some performance variation (burn in) when starting from cold and / or when new - takes a few weeks and sometimes months to settle down to a consistent level. Is yours new and how long have you had it “plugged in”


You could swap out the spikes on the Ekstra.
They look a standard length, so to maintain the distance needed for the downward driver.
The Ceraball universal is relatively inexpensive and could provide a smidgen of extra midband focus.

After hours of burn in it sounds much better, even if I noticed that in the summer season, here in Italy it is very hot in the summer, it overheats a bit.
However, I believe that it is not necessary to keep it on 24 hours. Already after a few hours it reaches remarkable performances.Thanks a lot

I thought the final section of the nova was enough to fly the ekstra. My dealer assured me it was the same as SN 3.

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