Fink WM-4

As a DBL owner who wants my pair to last for ever but would not know what to do if they didn’t, I often wonder if there would be a speaker that would present music in a DBL way. I know many suggest Kudos, but I’ve heard T88’s and wasn’t convinced that they could present music the way DBL’s could. I do admit they were good, but still not there for me. I have often seen pics of the Fink WM-4 and it sure does have the appearance that it could fit the bill as a DBL replacement, but here is Australia, I doubt there would be a pair to listen to. Naim did use the Fink team to help develop the Ovator BMR, so there is history between the companies, but I have never come across any one who has heard them. The other similarity is the 15 inch bass driver, but its ported so this may indicated a difference in direction, but funnily enough, ATC, who use to make the DBL 15 inch driver, have a similar unit for their own speakers that they also use in their ported designs. From what I hear, ATC’s may sound too analytical compared to the musical way naim speakers play music. Has any one ever heard the Fink WM-4?



I heard them at the Munich hifi show and although not the best place they were extremely good and I would definitely audition them if you ever got the chance- hot speaker.

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Try the Titan 808’s Mario, I had a home demo of the Titan 88’s and like you wasn’t convinced the 88’s were a final speaker. The 808’s are very different and will be my final pair of speakers.

Also look into the ART Dram 15’s. Another speaker with a 15 inch bass unit. I haven’t heard one but owned a pair of Deco 20’s for ten years. IMO a very enjoyable speaker.

Thanks Nigel, I imagine the 808’s would be a big step on the 88’s, I hope I really never have to worry about replacing the DBL’s, but its good to know if there are options if a time did come. The big Finks just look interesting, I actually like the look of big chunky speakers, but your Kudos speakers are also good lookers.

Pauls, are you the Paul S I think you are? If so, I respect your opinion very much as I think you have lived with big DBL’s before! Only thing about the WM-4 is the ported bass, but all things can be made to work properly if the engineering is right!



Keep an eye on what Tony M does Mario, he’s in the same position as you.

The big Finks were mentioned to me some time ago but I never had the chance to hear them, I will be interested to see if you get the chance to hear them.

Just like my big ART’s the DBL’s are almost impossible to replace. I have heard a few DBL based systems and I can understand the reluctance to change.

Never even heard of the finks, but it does remind me of the old smucker’s jam commercials - with a name like smuckers (fink) it has to be good.
The names alone-
the little fink
the big fink
the dirty rotten fink
best name ever for a hi-fi piece was “charlie the tuner”, based on star-kist advertising of charlie the tuna

Mario, yes it’s me:) KH Fink is one of the Most talented speaker designers on the planet:)
Your right port designs can be an issue and room placement needs to be considered - good luck!

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Wow, thanks Paul, thanks for responding, I’m only looking for an alternative in case the DBL’s finally fail but mine are in pretty good condition. I could probably address most of the things that could happen, ATC still service the bass driver, scanspeak tweeters are easily obtainable and I have NBL’s that could donate the midrange drivers. Acoustic foam deteriorating should be also fixable and grills are still available from a couple of sources. I just really like to be prepared, as these speakers are so valuable to me, pretty much irreplaceable as they are so unique. The Finks just looked like they may be as musical with pretty interested drivers, especially the tweeter and dual mids.

Nigel, yes I will always watch what other DBLs users do, not many of them change as they have the same attachment as myself. Some do however, and many mention Kudos so I hope to hear the 808’s some day. Whish naim would to a snaxo for them though.



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