FIP radio at 320k as a Naim exclusive?

hello all,

i heard a wild rumor elseweb that FIP radio Paris streams at 320k as a Naim exclusive via the Naim app. would any of you be so kind as to confirm that this is true, please? i’m a FIP fanatic and the station normally only streams at 192k – if the rumor is true, i might just get an NDX.

thanks a million,

Sorry, but it is only 192k


Not that I can see. There seems to be very few stations under Naim’s Choice (at least on my NDS)

None of the various FIP stations are available at 320kb/s in vTuner, 192 & 128 only. (vTuner is the service provider for Naim iRadio).
And FIP is not included in iRadio Naims Choice
So looks like a wild rumour

thank you all. i’d have added an exclamation point to the preceding sentence, but my keyboard is broken… i’d also have put parentheses around that last sentence, but couldn’t for the same reason. sigh.

anyway, bummer that the rumor didn’t pan out. thanks again.

There is a Naim ‘exclusive’ Radio Paradise 320 available in the Naim app, perhaps that’s what you were thinking of?

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