Fip Radio. interference sound

streaming Fip on Uniti Atom lately I keep noticing occasional squelch like noises, like when its switched on from the mains and you get that electrical surge sound, anyone else noticing it? As I listen to Fip mostly I can’t comment on other sources.

Maybe @Mike-B could help.

I suggest to listen to other web radio stations.
If the noise is still there, then it’s a broadband service problem or in the Atom.
If the noise has gone, contact FIP

[ stream ( bluetooth ) from my phone Fip to a different speaker, never get that crack/ly ]noise.
I’ll listen to a bit of Spotify and other stations on the Atom…thank you

I think the stream has been refreshed, sounds different and better,
Happy listening all

I heartily recommend the hard reset. Sounds tons better more!

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