Firmware (3.7.1) Update For Uniti Atom HE

I still haven’t been able to download the latest firmware to my new Uniti Atom Headphone Edition. The firmware appears to be downloading in the progress window but the Uniti doesn’t seem to recognize it. It says it “can’t find rooms” but then goes ahead and attempts to download the firmware. It shows the progress bar going across the screen but it’s evidently not being downloaded. When I navigate to the “music room” page it still says new firmware ready to download. So, what do I do now? I’ve been waiting for about a week for a response. I’m trying not to be impatient. But I’m not sure what to do?

How is your Atom connected to your network?
Wifi or ethernet?
If wifi, is it immediately next to your wifi router?
Can you move it temporarily in order to connect it to your router directly using ethernet, then try the update?
If already on ethernet, what router are you using?
Have you ever successfully updated the Atom before?
Have you tried turning off your Atom, re-booting your router, then once fully re-booted, turn on your Atom?
All worth trying.

Connected to internet by LAN cable. Router is proprietary from our phone company. This will be the first firmware update. I just purchased my NAIM Uniti Atom Headphone Edition about 6 weeks ago. Yes, I’ve tried turning the power off to the Uniti Atom HE and rebooting the router numerous times. I’ve even tried disconnecting the Uniti Atom HE from the power source and the router over night. The Uniti Atom HE absolutely refuses to recognize the new firmware update. I’m at a dead end. Don’t know what else to do? As good as the Uniti Atom HE sounds (it sounds outstanding and functions perfectly) I’m beginning to have second thoughts about having purchased it. If I can’t download firmware updates the unit is virtually unusable. This has been going on for weeks now. I would like to talk with a tech but I’ve never dialed an international phone number. I’m not sure how it’s done. The only other thing I have not done is to plug directly from the Uniti Atom HE to the router. Not sure that would do any good. I’ve unplugged both the Uniti Atom HE and router from the AC power numerous times. I’m afraid NAIM has some work left to do on this unit. Thank you, Blythe, for your suggestions. I really appreciate it.

One thing you still can try is a factory reset (you will lose presets and local favorites in the app):

Else, contact Naim support:
T: +44 (0) 1722 443405
Hours of service are Mon-Fri 9:30am-5:30pm GMT/BST

To dial internationally:

  1. Leave out the “(0)” from the above number, i.e. dial +44 1722 443405
  2. For the “+” it depends on the phone you are using. On a smartphone or any other that can dial “+”, dial it just like that, +44 1722 443405. Some older phones can’t do the “+”, in this case replace it with 00, i.e. 0044 1722 443405

I’d start with giving your dealer a ring. This may sound as a cliche, but a significant number of dealers are there to help you and you bought the product from them. It comes with warranty too.

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If your seeing cant find rooms on the Naim app thats standard when applying an update. Once instigated the app is disconnected to stop you doing anything. All the feedback about what’s happening will appear on the screen of the Atom. It will download which you should see a process screen for then it will start the update and soft restart a few times or what looks like it . The power button will flash very brightly during this stage, and it will go through several stages before it performs a full reboot. You know when you get there as you will here a load clicking as it performs a hard reboot.

If your not getting to any of these or the downloading firmware gets stuck and doesnt progress then I would talk to your dealer.

Hi - hopefully you’ll get it sorted soon but I have a question.
You say that it’s connected by ethernet but then state that “The only other thing I have not done is to plug directly from the Uniti Atom HE to the router.”
That comment appears to contradict your opening comment that you have it connected by LAN cable.
For the update, you must try connecting it to your router using a cable.
If nothing else, it will rule out any wifi issues.
Your phone company router might be causing issues by some internal settings (not uncommon) but should work.
Your dealer should be able to assist you at the very least.
Calling the UK is easy, just remember the UK is several hours ahead of the US (depending where in the world you actually are). Check the time difference.

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What exactly does you Atom do at this stage? What you describe sounds like what it should be doing until where you say that it does not seem to recognize it.

What happens after the download bar completes? Are you giving it time to complete the download before doing anything to the unit like power down?

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Blythe, you da man!! Er, maybe woman? Anyway…Woot!!! I (You) did it!! Got the updated firmware to download. Per your recommendation, I used a 3’ Ethernet/LAN cable and connected the Uniti Atom HE directly to the router…Download!! Finally! Now I’ll know what to do for the next firmware update. This really feels good. I’m almost 72 y/o and this is an accomplishment for a person who’s computer and tech knowledge is very shallow. Anyway, Blythe, I originally had the Ethernet/LAN cable plugged into an Ethernet switch with 6 inputs. Evidently, there is something in the switch that the Uniti Atom HE doesn’t like. When I bypassed the switch and went directly to the router…voila, problem solved!! Thank you so much, Blythe, and everyone for your help. I truly appreciate it.


Glad you found the issue.

You probably do not want to put that switch back in again for your listening either. If it messed with the download it could be messing with the audio stream being downloaded as well.

Although the switch itself may not have been the problem. There must have been at least two Ethernet cables as well so one of them could have been faulty too.

Make sure you only use Ethernet cables that has Cat 5e (or higher, such at Cat6, etc) written on the cable.

But if you can wire the Atom directly into the router permanently it will be a surer bet unless you want to try and figure out what the issue was.

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Terrific news that it updated. Hopefully you’ll be able to leave it connected directly to the router for improved reliability.
Well done :clap:

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