Firmware and tidal connect

Has anyone had problems with the new firmware update for NDX2 in relation to tidal connect? Having applied the new update I can no longer get tidal to play music from the app, whether through connect or airplay although it shows the artwork on the NDX screen and says “playing “. Tidal will play from the app when using my 1st gen Muso !
Any thoughts?
Many thanks.

That should not be happening. I don’t have an NDX2 but Tidal connect works on my Star and Atom HE.

Have you fully power cycled the NDX2 and the attached internet connection? As in plug the power out, “have a cup of tea ™”, plug power back in and restart everything?

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Many thanks Kryptos. I tried this yesterday with no solution but, having done it again today along with the router, all is well. Still don’t know what caused it !!

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That is awesome news! Sometimes things can happen with routing traffic in the router. A reset can cure that. Glad one of my guesses worked!

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