Firmware update mu-so 2

One hour ago, I’ve started the firmware update and the LED stays blue.
How long should I wait?

Mine finished in 5 minutes on a fast Ethernet connection…

But the update is not fail safe:

  • When you start the update you loose contact between the unit an the app. That will confuse many - and the app should recognize this and say “Updating”
  • The update progress with disappearing volume indicators and end up with a steady white ring, as I remember, but at this time the app should say “Finished updating, pull the cord and reconnect”.
  • Then it should say “Update finished”

Might be difficult - but not impossible ? We’re seen many problems related to this lately so something needs to be done with this process. I ended up waiting 30 minutes after it finished updating as I was not sure that it had finished…

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Ok, now I’ve powered off and put the mu-so near to the next switch into the LAN.
Update wasn’t done and so I restart and after a few minutes it was finished.
Seems, that the mu-so has problems updating in a mesh wifi. While playing Ihad never problems.

Interesting - think I move my unit and connect to cable for future updates. Normally it run just fine on wifi even on FLAC files from hires internet channels etc.

For the last two update I have done this. Before that I tried wireless and ended up with a bricked unit that was replaced on warranty…

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