Firmware update NDX2 3.8.1 (5437)

With every software update there are remarks and questions around changes of the sound. Positive and negative. (I didn’t noticed any difference with 3.8.1 btw)

If Naim (also) updated parts of the software that changes/improves SQ, why wouldn’t they just say so? Why would this be secret and ignite guessing and discussion? :man_shrugging:

Maybe because it’s all a bit hit ‘n’ miss. I wasn’t expecting any change (i rarely ever do), but something sounds just that little bit better to me, particularly in the bass department. It is a little odd i must say, but hey ho we’re living in such strange times.

P.S. How do i know the lower frequencies are different on my system since the update? Well, i run a 2.1 speaker system and have had the gain set on my n-SUB at 65 for months on end. Ever since the update i’ve now adjusted the gain up to 70 ( because i now can without it annoying me with familiar program). The thing is all of the other frequencies sound a little more free and sharper at the same time as well. Maybe the update was the Strepsil my NDX 2 needed so it could clear it’s throat ?:man_shrugging:

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Maybe it is because different listeners want slightly different aspects of the sonic presentation to change. Could it be that one person’s improvement is another person’s shift in another direction sonically?


Hi. I received my new Uniti Star on Friday and updated it to the latest firmware. I’ve noticed that when it’s switched on at the wall (rather than from standby) that when a CD is played it automatically puts it onto shuffle.

Is this a firmware issue or is it something that Naim have deliberately implemented?

If it’s an issue how would I go about reporting it? Thanks.

I just noticed its availability late this afternoon but, like you, the ND555 is sounding so good I’m hesitating to update.



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Still not taken the plunge. Almost no posts compared to normal so either everyone is also waiting or they have updated without issue and are so absorbed by the music that they don’t have time to check/post. Hopefully the later but lets see!

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Sounds fantastic in my environment (room, system, ears)

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Shuffle mode should only be enabled when you select it on the Naim app. It’s not unusual for people to accidentally hit the shuffle button as it’s quite small, but it shouldn’t be enabled by default. Maybe talk to Naim support about it.

Just performed the update - Painless as usual. Countryfile sounding magnificent (as it did before I updated)

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Thanks. I definitely haven’t knocked the shuffle button as I keep on having to switch it off each time I start up the unit, so it’s always switched off before shutting down.

Just updated a still running in ND555 in the hope it cured the intermittent dropouts I’m getting. I cannot say I’ve noticed any difference in SQ so far.

Hi @Scrufftyguy I have drawn your post about this issue to the attention of the Naim testing team in the beta forum, so you don’t have to, although if I were you I would still contact Naim support.


Thanks. I hadn’t realised there was a beta forum. As you say, I’ll still contact support.

It’s only visible to beta testers. Anyway I hope that Naim Support can give you some ideas. It’s not a problem I have seen reported anywhere before.

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The Naim test team tells me that they have not been able to repeat your shuffle problem, so I’m thinking that maybe it’s something odd in your Star or your instance of the app. Hopefully Naim Support will have some ideas.


Thanks David. I’ve just this minute finished resetting all the settings on the Star and deleting and reinstalling the app. Just put a CD in and it now looks to be working properly. :+1:

Fingers crossed. Please let me know how it turns out so I can feed that back to the testers.

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Will do.

Well hmmm. To my ears, the “tightening-up” of the bass end just sounds like… less bass.

Plus there’s now an almost forensic level of detail (not in itself a bad thing).

The music however no longer feels as if it’s filling the room and enveloping me in a completely immersive experience and I miss it already, notwithstanding the new level of detail.

I guess the lesson is, when you’re happy with the result of the latest update, stay there.


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I am still waiting for some more feedback…., I am actually quite happy with my current sound…

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