Firmware update NDX2 3.8.1 (5437)


Exotic, perhaps?

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It depends on which sounds the best off course :joy::joy::notes:

It will take a few months until I have results, bear with me.

(“erotic” cables was great)

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Mike is using an ND5XS2

Newcomer is using an NDX2

How are Naim Audio engineers meant to reconcile this? Less bass vs. more bass; forensic level of detail vs. worse definition.

I know that I detect differences day to day when nothing has changed. Such differences could be down to mains variation, humidity etc. or just my mood. Time of day makes a big difference too - things generally sound better late in the evening, which may be due to a reduced electrical demand.





I’m, or I was, I don`t know now, in the Beta tester group, but I haven’t too much free time and some other bigger priorities…

Although my cables are very erotic, not only am I able to perceive the differences, also Mrs newcomer, some friends who regularly come to our house to enjoy the near-live sound, and even my 7-year-old son who, despite his age, is already educating his ear.

OK. I am disadvantaged in comparison because I don’t have friends with magic ears who can discern differences between firmware versions across several days while objectively separating them from all other possible changes.

(As a remark on the side, if you might still be a beta group member but not currently active, it might be good to ask Naim to remove you officially, because occasionally forum members wanted to join but were told that the group is full.)

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…firmware updated this morning without any issues.

I will listen to some albums and report back if any problems/issues are encounted.

So far, so good… Life is sweet!


Sounds better to me. I’d love to know why.


I guess I need to turn my NDX2 on and check for updates. I haven’t used it since winter probably.

In addition to a significant change in SQ, to worse (my system, mi room, my ears), with the last firmware update (3.8.1) I experience the following issue-problem: eventually and randomly, the APP loses connection with the NDX2 and the playlist in progress begins to break and plays staggering.

Everything has been checked : configuration (the same as always that worked smoothly before the update, and always), Internet (ok), intranet (ok), no change except the update to new firmware.

The only way to solve it is to close the APP, put the NDX2 in standby mode, turn the NDX2 and the APP back on, and it usually works well, for a while…

99’99% sure is related to firmware V 3.8.1.

Really a tedium with updates, that when they fix something, they spoil something, and, in the end, always with surprises, issues and problems!

I would also like to go back to 3.8.0

In case it helps, the APP runs on Android (last version firmware) and there is no problem of network speed or cuts: fiber optics, Tx rate 700 Mbps, Rx rate 200 Mbps.

If you are experiencing issues with the software it’s often advised to unplug the electricity and leave it for a couple of minutes and then restart. Often issues are gone then, hope this will help you as well.

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Thanks, @BertBird. Yes, I know the ‘cup of tea’ rule of thumb, so, obviously, the first thing after the firmware was performed out was to do the NDX2 a cold restart; also each time it struggles, loses connection with the APP, and playing starts to stagger. But no way, it still turns back to the same behaviour ramdomly.

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Seems that since reinstalling everything the issue has been resolved. :+1:

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Thanks. I have passed the good news on.

In the past Naim have recommended a full factory reset after a firmware update, especially if the unit doesn’t function properly, so maybe worth a try. It was a standard recommendation for all 1st gen streamer updates, but I recall a few people reporting positive outcomes with 2nd gen streamers too.

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Thanks, @ChrisSU.

Really is the only thing that would be missing; but I prefer to wait to see if it normalizes, because listening today for hours my ripped CDs from my Sinology NAS, no problem at all, at least for the moment. So, perhaps that 0’01% not due to the firmware update may eventually be due to some adjustment in origin of the Tidal itself …

I don’t know for certain, so still studying it…