Firmware upgrade stuck

I started a firmware update on my ND5 XS2 Streamer about 24 hours ago and it seems to be stuck. The blue indicator light has been on since. Any suggestions on what to do? Can I try powering it off and on? I know that’s usually a no-no when firmware is updating. The WiFi is working fine in my house, btw.

I-think thats your only choice, if you take back to your dealer…thats what will happen anyway.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try and report back.

I’m not sure what happened, but I just went to try a restart (about 36 hours after starting the firmware upgrade) and it had finished. Phew.

I’ve definitely read here in the past that Naim build into the firmware the ability to (re)set itself back to a safe place if this happens. Obviously not a guarantee . . . but we hear of VERY few units being ‘bricked’ during updates. Glad yours went ok! Next time no need to wait 36 hours.

Between my Qute2, NDS and now ND555, I’ve done a lot of updates. ND555 updates itself online; but the Qute2 needs a cable to my laptop. It’s probably hung up mid-update 2 or 3 times in 6 years; I’ve always just started over like you did and it went fine. My NDS did it once…or twice? Also always fine.

Listening to Lou Reed “the Raven” through it now and it is sounding as good as ever. Excellent album.

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