First impression of Nd5 Xs2

So just got the new Nd5 hooked up. I have the SN2 powering a pair of Kanta No. 1s.

Love the way it visually pairs with the SN2. As for sound, recognizing I only have a few hours on it, I have to say I can’t really hear much (any?) difference from the Cambridge 851 it’s replacing.

Are you streaming from tidal or Spotify?


Your Cambridge Audio player has a pretty good reputation, and in my very brief experience of listening to one, I thought it sounded pretty decent. Still, before writing off the ND5, I would allow it plenty of time to burn in. Also, do you have it properly set up with its own shelf, not stacked on top of the amp? (If your dealer is any good at his job, he should be able to help you with this.) If you still can’t get it to sound any better, I wouldn’t keep it.

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