First time Floorstanders

I read this a lot but in my experience it is far from the truth with regard to the current model.

Yes, you will hear plenty of details, that’s a good thing. Clinical? Absolutely not. These are very musical speakers that portray the emotion and expression in the music. They are also surprisingly forgiving (SCM19 not quite as much so), even poorly recorded tracks don’t irritate and are enjoyable on these speakers. Personally, I’d put scm40 very very very slightly on the warm side of neutral.

I heard the Fyne speakers at the Bristol Show last year and was very impressed with them. Build quality was excellent too.

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After reading all the comments so far, the Focal Aria 926s have come up a lot.
Have heard the focals need careful partnering to sound their best.

I have read that the 926s can be a tricky load for an amp, but everything sounded very effortless and at ease playing at high volume with SN2. Can’t compare with the XS2 unfortunately, but I would imagine at sensible levels it shouldn’t be too strained. Knowing both amps fairly well as a close friend of mine has an XS2, their basic presentation is quite similar, so as long as the XS2 has the power to drive them, I would expect a similarly good sonic signature. Quite a lot of speculation in those words though, demo and decide for yourself is the best advice that can be given.

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I love the build quality of the proac dt8 . they have a passionate following . real wood veneer compared to vinyl wrap at same price of some of the others . demo`ed a pair of dt8 at a dealer but they were not a brilliant dealer , they did not warm them up and did not really care so they never got a sale


EasyRyder, I had a NAIT XS 2 a few years back and ran a pair of ProAc D2 speakers and really loved the music. So I would recommend you do give the ProAc DT8’s a demo with the XS 2 if you can.

I am looking forward to hearing about the speakers you had a chance to demo and your final choice along with reasons why you chose the speakers.

Good luck and have fun along the way.


Today I have blind purchased a pair of ex demo dali rubicon 6s for less than my 2k limit, with the promise that I can return them if I am unsatified.
I felt I had to take the leap with the usual price being around £3299 mark
I will let you know how I get on when they arrive.
Thanks again for your help and comments :grin:


I have the dynaudio evoke and I can highly recommend with naim gear

I run a pair of Neat Motive SX2 speakers with a XS 2 amplifier. Very nice partnering relationship to these ears. Very musical and don’t take over the room with appearance.

I have the Kudos x2’s and they are sweet at a more modest budget

Personally, I would not consider the idea of Dynaudios (as several have suggested) with an XS2 in a room this large. Dyns like lots of current to sing, and they can be disappointing in the long run otherwise. I once had a pair of Contour S1.4 with a UnitiQute, and that didn’t work so well until I added a 250-2. I now have a pair of C2 Platinum. They sounded great with my 250 DR, but they didn’t really show what they have to offer until I added in a 300. And all this is for a smaller room, 11’ x 17’


I auditioned the Evoke 50’s with the Star (same power output as XS2) and was underwhelmed. I ended up with the B&W 702s2. The general opinion here seems to be the reverse, Dynaudio works, B&W doesn’t. I guess the moral to this story is, just listen and see what you think.

Thanks again all for your knowledgeable responses but I have already blind purchased a pair of ex demo dali rubicon 6s at a bargain price.
If anyone has, or has had any experience with dali rubicon it would be great to get some input.

alea iacta est


After reading some great reviews of the Dali, I took a listen.
Most of the speakers been recommended in this thread could be thought as being more forward in presentation. Definitely after listening to the Dali 6 I felt it had a more laid back approach.
More like your hearing the sound source within its own recorded space - rather than being projected into your listening space.
Large scale recordings being very convincing, although closely miked simple vocals slightly lacking in detail and intimacy - but solved in turning up the volume.
I doubt you will be disappointed with them.

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Initial impressions of my new Dali Rubicon 6s is a detailed and rhythmic sound with a beautiful treble, of course this will change with proper burn in of the drivers.
High frequency reproduction in particular in very impressive, sweetly layered and clear with no shrillness at all.
They are not as fussy about placement as my Acoustic Energy Reference 1s and it was easy to find the sweet spot giving me a broad soundstage.
The Nait XS2 is having no issues as far as I can tell and is driving the Dalis with an energetic gusto.

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ATC SCM 40s are far from clinical; they pull off that difficult trick of being both revealing of sources (software as well as hardware) as well as being the most musically engaging speakers I’ve owned. Lots of foot tapping, air conducting etc, but I wouldn’t recommend them with your Nait XS. They have excellent bass, but that needs control and, personally, I wouldn’t want to use them with less than a 250 DR. A 300 would be even better.


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I have already purchased a pair of dali rubicon 6s

I did want to try a pair of ATCs but my other half thought they where definitely not the best looking of speakers especially with the odd looking grilles.

The Dalis look good which pleased my wife and sound good which pleases me :grin:

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Dalis like to be positioned straight ( i understand ) - no toe in

You may check what works best for you.

Its a good speaker this - Rubicon 6

njoi !

With tall multi driver floorstanders, you can try playing with the rake angles.
Some like to be perfectly straight up. Depending on your seated position, you can slightly change the balance by raking them both back or forward to get everything just so. Maybe something to keep in mind once they are fully settled and you have a thorough idea of what they are doing.