First time in the Naim pond

Just bought the XS3 on an impulse don’t need another amplifier but always wanted to try a Naim always enjoyed their tone.

Has about 10hours but still sounds great!!


Welcome aboard, and enjoy the music.

My entry in to the world of Naim wasn’t entirely planned either. I went to the local dealer to listen to new speakers and ended up walking out the shop with a CD5si and once I had that a Naim amp and streamer followed. I suspect once you get a liking for the sound of the XS3 you’ll probably be looking for a Naim source too


Mine was fortuitous…1984, I went to my Linn dealer for something to do with my LP12…he had a used 42/110 pair…I had no hesitation in replacing my Nait with these!

Thanks. How long does Naim gear take to burn in?

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Welcome to the forum OpenD!

My first piece of Naim was a XS 2 and stayed with the integrated amp when I moved to a SN 2.

I am sure you will enjoy the XS 3. You may want to complete your profile section and list your other system components. You can see other members profile by performing a mouse click on their username. It is an option but it is a quick way for members to get a whole picture of other members when they are asking system questions.

Also the search feature is a useful tool when looking for information…

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The road to perdition starts with liking an XS3, then wondering about adding a Flatcap or switching to a Supernait 3 and then wondering about adding a HiCap

There are some really good things about Naim, generally rock solid construction, a clearly defined upgrade path oh and this forum which has been really good during Lockdown

Best wishes, enjoy the ride

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And we overlook the sources at our peril .

The first Naim Audio kit that I owned was a 42/110 back in 1982!

Welcome and enjoy your new XS3. I had a XS2 and LOVED it.

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