First time Naim owner - mixed feelings

Hi all

After 8 years with some high end Marantz based kit (SA-15S1 + PM-15S1 + PMC OB1) I decided it was time to move on, so after many hours listening to my friends all Naim system, I bought a Uniti Star (I have a collection of 2000+ CD’s)

Having lived with the Star for two months, I’m not yet convinced that the £3.5k outlay was really worth it. In a nutshell:

Improved sound - the Star seems to have brought more out of my PMCs than the Marantz kit did - the sound is tighter with more midrange presence. Not so sure about any top end improvement, but I’m still adjusting to the different presentation the Naim brings.

Convenience - having the ability to play my CDs, stream from my NAS, use Tidal, explore internet radio & podcasts all from one box is fantastic.

Great headphone sound.

I miss the SACD capability of the Marantz (I have circa 100 SACDS, and now have to play those on my Oppo-based AV system)

The NAIM control/display software is driving me nuts! I use an iPad and an Android phone, both with the Naim app. The iPad constantly fails to detect the Star until I manually tun it on. The movement detection feature doesn’t seem to work, the display ‘sticks’ - as I type, it’s still showing a Tidal stream album cover from 2 days ago, despite me playing several CD’s and listening to internet radio since.

Having paid out a large sum of money for the Star I thought it was reasonable to expect top quality performance in both sound and software control. I feel like I’ve got 50% of that at the moment.

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Hi @JMurray and welcome to Naim family and forum. Star is a great all-in-one.

Great to hear that Naim is delivering the goods in sound areas, IMO this is the most important part. And while I understand your frustrations the rest will work out in the end.

In regards to app and control glitches there is lots of info on the forum covering this and possible adjustment you can make. Like you, I use the iPad and Samsung phone, iPad is significantly better than Android. While its frustrating and nobody will be able to solve all issues you have, you might find some useful hints. I have similar discovery issues, my Qb comes up before my other devices, not sure why. Sometimes I just wait and others show up or pull down to refresh and they come up. Art freezing on display screen has been an issue for a while.

Naim is currently working on the app update and I am sure that will include the component firmware updates which will resolve a number of issues. These are now Hi-Fi computers, so some of these issues will keep happening.

Hang in there, in the end all these issues don’t matter to be honest as sound grabs you. By the way after 9 months you Star will sound even better so hang in there mate.


That is what they do I’m afraid Had mine a year and it’s performance is erratic.

What do you mean by manually turn it on, you mean you turn the Star off and on, or you enter it manually into the app? First thing to try is double click the iPad home button and flick the naim app up, this closes the app and allows yo to restart it which should clear the stuck artwork. It should be much better than that.

I have to physically turn the Star on, otherwise the iPad app insists that I go through the install process every time! The android app on my phone has no problem and works every time.

I need to emphasise that I AM enjoying the overall (audio) performance of the Star - I’m revisiting music I haven’t listened to for ages which is what it’s all about really.

Thanks for reading and responding!


What state is the Star in when you try to wake it from the app? In network standby mode, it should be discoverable by the app, and if it’s not, there may be a discovery problem, possibly an issue with your network setup.
If the Star is in deep sleep mode, it will not be discoverable by the app or the remote until you press the power button.

I have a 272 and qute so older technology than the Star yet mine works ok, there’s always a slight lag while it finds the unit, but I think that’s more to do with the router than anything, yours should be better than that so you need to experiment a bit. Start by deleting the app and load a fresh copy onto the iPad.
My partner has a Sonos which I use the app on my phone for, and it is slightly better than the Naim app, but if the router is playing up it can have problems as well, Instant response such as your remote doesn’t seem possible with any wifi connection.

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The Naim App does not support concurrent connections from two or more devices. If it’s active on the iPhone, and you pick up the iPad, it’s not going to be happy. And vice versa. Is that, perhaps in part, what’s going on for you?


Bart I was going to suggest the same thing

Best to just stick to an iPad connection to the app and make sure any setting’s are optional

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I took the plunge and bought a year license to Roon and a cheap mini PC to run the Roon Core server. Any issues with the Naim app are gone and I find the Roon experience excellent. Had my Uniti Star since July this year, replacing aging Cyrus kit. Also adjusting to the Naim sound signature but finding it a weightier and more exciting listen than the Cyrus stuff.


I’m not at home to test this right now, but I seem to recall that with the new streamers, it is possible to run the app on two devices simultaneously, as it is on some other platforms. Still, it’s not impossible that it’s causing some issues.

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I did the same. The app was unbearable, but Roon is brilliant.

Ahh interesting; I’ll try with my ND555. Def doesnt work with my UnitiQute2

Yes the app can be on at ,least two ipads, my wife often over rules what i am playing. :pleading_face:


And this turning the Star on before it’s detectable:

There are two sorts of standby. In “network sleep” is discoverable and if you have server mode on then it can serve music to other streamers on the network. If it’s in “deep sleep” then you have to wake it manually before it will do anything, and the Star won’t be discoverable on the network.

This is all explained in the on-line help wizard. It may not be as easy to use as a printed manual, but there is a lot of information there in any case.

I hope this helps.



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Im glad they ‘fixed’ this with the new streaming platform :slight_smile:

Well, wait until your wife figures out how she can “over-rule” your music choice… :rofl:

We do listen together a lot. I’ve “learned” not to play what really bothers her. Our musical tastes overlap a ton, but depart at live Grateful Dead and most prog (like Yes). She won’t change it, she’ll go to a different room!!

I beg to disagree. I use my phone and tablet with the app and can use either at anytime to control my Star

I find it quite good for social occasions, when I have friends round who are interested in music we often have 2 or 3 of us adding tracks to the queue.