First Turntable - Matching Atom's Source Quality

Hi All,

Looking to buy my first turntable. Currently I own Naim Atom with Kef LS50s and two REL t5i subs.
I would like the turntable setup - TT, cartridge & phono - to match the source quality of the Atom.
Anybody has an idea what turntable would match the quality for the Atom’s digital source? I have been considering Rega P2, Pro-ject Carbon Debut and Technics SL-1500C.


This is tricky because vinyl never really matches what digital does, they’re just different. If possible I would seek out a Rega/Naim dealer and see if you could hear a Rega 2 through the Atom as that’s the only way you’ll get a feel for how they match up.

All the TTs you list are good it’s really just a matter of personal preference.

Good luck.

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I agree with Lindsey. However, can you try and stretch to the Rega 3? It’s just that bit more accomplished.

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This… and hear the combo in your own room.

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I think the SL-1500C will be far the best out of that bunch and fine for the Atom. It also includes a phono stage, but you might want to upgrade the cart at some point. If you’re willing to get a phono stage (I think you do as I don’t think the others include one), you might want to consider the SL-100C as it comes without one.

Technics 1500C, Rega P3 / Fono, or a Project tt for 1k should be on the level, maybe better sometimes, depends on the lps.


I would rather spend as little as possible and spend money on records as my collection is not very large.

You can also consider vintage for some really good turntables and at great prices. I’ve currently got a Rega Planar 3 (90’s), a Heybrook TT2 and a Technics SP-10 (from an old radio station).
The Heybrook blows away the Rega and allows you to experiment with a wide variety of arms and cartridges. And if you get MM cartridges, replacement stylus from JICO are readily available and often better than the originals.
And the Technics is a whole other level!

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