Fix Sample Rate display on Naim App AGAIN!

Some months ago, I had posted about bug of display sample rate above 176.4 khz like this screen shot below. (This topic closed 3 days ago, so I have to create this new topic)

Recently, Naim updated App and notice about this issue:

But, problem still exists:

How is Naim test and quality control???

AFAIK the App is released in conjunction with a firmware update that’s not yet out but is imminent (the releases are slightly staggered, I guess due to workload). So, once you have updated the firmware ( which will hopefully be released this week), check again.

p.s. Naim have confirmed that the latest update no longer displays rounded up or down sample rate.

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No. This bug has been fixed but not completed.(last version displayed “353,” and this version displays “352,8”, it is ok but 384 kHz now display 384, kHz.
It is crazy!

Yes, it no longer rounds up but the comma was missed - it should be tidied up so there’s no comma with the next update.

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