Fixing Hardware for Chrome-bumper Control Knobs..?

Hi all… I’m trying to find a source some fixings for Chrome-bumper control knobs… I’ve got the grub screws (although they look a bit on the large side, to me) but I need the threaded plate that the grub screw goes through… are these a standard part? Also are these the same between the small (NAC 32.5) and large (HiCap / 42.5) knobs?

Tim, I take it Naim’s stocks are exhausted?

You could try ringing round some dealers or try Darran at Class A who may also be able to point you to a source for the threaded plate.

Sorry, Richard, it never occurred to me that Naim would still carry this part… what’s the best way of getting in touch these days?

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Best via dealer.

I think the size is 6BA x 1/4 inch grub screw. Can anyone confirm ?

Yeah, I have those, but it’s the threaded plate that they engage with that’s proving problematic…

Search for Stedall, Threaded Plate Part No. 6000585

Is this what you need. If not quite, a file to adjust?

Thanks, catswhiskers… I’ll take a gander…

I see what you did there… very droll…

Honestly, nothing more than a Google search.
For myself it would be into the shed and tipping out the odds and sods tin. When I was young anything that could not be repaired was stripped and sorted into nuts, bolts, washers etc. My grandfather had a large workshop, one wall was lined with shelves holding large Oxo tins, none labelled but they were full of treasure.
Anyhow, did you get sorted?

Sorry, I thought you were pulling my leg… that plate is 30x40x8mm with an M12 thread!!! I think I may have found a suitable threaded plate in my original, old-school SNAPS knob… (took me ages to find it)…

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