Flac tracks skip

When playing flac tracks from HDD using usb on the Atom I sometimes get a minor skip when playing. Replaying the same section it usually doesn’t repeat thd skip.
Anyone any ideas what could cause it?
Is there an issue reading flac files or is thrre a better format to use.

Not aware of any issues, but suggest first ensure you are on the latest firmware, then shutdown, REMOVE the socket from the wall, make and drink a cup of tea or coffee, then start up again

To save some money on power I have shut down my old ns01 and put my music on an ssd. I have until now not experienced any problems. But just for fun I removed the usb ssd drive while playing a track to see if usb is buffered like network playing and since the music played on it seems to work in the same way. So the software will have to demand more data maybe the usb drive is not ready for it, but that will make more sense if it is standard HD not ssd. All this is of course only speculation.

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