FLASH battery replacement

I found one of my TV remotes responding poorly to commands so pulled off the back and one of the batteries is corroding so needs replacing.
This got me thinking as I am on my second FLASH remote and if that packs up, that’s it.
I can recall replacing the AA batteries has a proceedure to be followed and not straight forward?
Can someone refresh my memory?

From memory I think you just remove the old ones but leave it a few minutes before you put the new ones in. I am sure someone here will correct me if I am wrong. It’s what I do anyway, seems to work ok.

The last battery in has to go in quickly and cleanly. See Flash remote malfunction

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Exactly. You need to get the first three batteries in then be careful with the final one. Make sure you snap it quickly and cleanly into place. Otherwise it can partially charge the capacitor and it hangs the remote. You then need to wait until the cap discharges before trying again.

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You could probably place a small bit of plastic (cut from a yogurt pot etc) against the spring battery terminal, then whip it out once the final battery is in place.


@robert_h is correct.

That’s put me on the right track. Many thanks.
A bit of a party trick is to hand the FLASH carefully to an unsuspecting guest. They are always surprised how heavy it it.

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