Flashback sales RiP - Cable alternatives?

looks like the gentleman (dave) who ran and made the cables has passed

does anyone know of another good cable maker who deals in DiN?

I used design-a-cable before. They are good too.

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Very sad news. His cables have been a staple for many on this forum.


Are we allowed to suggest? If so Witchhat, Chord, Tellequriam etc but in my experience Naim’s own work best with their electronics. Speaker cable I suggest is more speaker dependent.



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Blue Jeans will, just send them an e-mail.

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Anyone tried Sean Jacobs offerings?


yannis tome
handmade cables for various prices - superb value for money if you must try alternatives to naim

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i’m looking for a din to 4-xlr
to use as a tape loop for a dat machine

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