Flashing Source Button: Supernait

Right, I’ve only owned my Supernait 1 for about 8 years and tbh never understood the button behaviour.

It’s clear the top row of source buttons are for input selection and the bottom are for record select.

So, I only use the top row - but from time to time the source button starts to flash and music doesn’t come out. Solved by pressing record lower mute button.

Is this normal? And what triggers the lower mute to un-mute?

Below is a link to the SN2 Manual (if SN1 is the same?) - -see 7 onwards. Seems like Programme mode may be being triggered?..or something listed therein?

Thank you. I did look through the SN1 manual with no solution. Def not program mode, I know how to enable that correctly.

Is it the source mute button that flashes?

No, the source button flashes until the record mute button is pressed.

I wonder if it’s some kind of fault indicator. Maybe to indicate if two sources assigned to that input?

I can’t see it in the manual - normally a fault is indicated by either source or record mute flashing - Perhaps @NeilS might have an idea here.

Input buttons flashing when selected like that generally means that the inputs have not been assigned correctly.
I’d suggest doing a factory reset and start again.
Disconnect speakers, switch on with front panel source mute button held. Reconnect speakers.
By default, tape input is assigned to digital coax 1 & aux 1 toslink input 2. All other inputs are analogue.
You will need to study the manual if you need to reconfigure.


I have a Supernait (1) technical support manual.
The problem as reported seems to tie in with the following …

6.7 - An input selection button is flashing
Two digital inputs are selected simultaneously. To resolve the conflict:
. Mute the input that is flashing
. Select a different input
. Press the flashing button to swap the input selection. The input that was
previously selected will now start to flash.

To explain what is a digital input conflict:
The SuperNait SPDIF board only supports playback of a single SPDIF input at a time.
Because of this, it is not possible to simultaneously select one SPDIF input with the
source selector and a different SPDIF input with the record selector. If this is
attempted, the SPDIF input that was selected first has priority and will continue to
be selected. The button for the SPDIF input that was selected second will start to
flash and no audio will be heard. To resolve the conflict either mute or deselect the
SPDIF input that is currently working. Alternatively, pressing the flashing input will
swap the priority deselecting the first input and selecting the second input. The first
input will stop flashing and the second input will start to flash.

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Thanks Mike, are you essentially suggesting it is behaving as expected?

Yes, it seems so Occean.
I don’t use the digital inputs with mine anymore so am unable to quickly check & compare.

Amazing, think you are right. If I change record to an analogue I put the behaviour stops. Haha

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