Flashing Volume LED on Nait 5i

My Nait 5i stopped making any sound and the LED started flashing on the volume control.

It’s not flashing as quick as it does if in “program” mode.

Is it an error code?

If so, what does it mean?

Many thanks

Have you muted the amp via the handset?

Otherwise, a flashing volume LED indicates program mode. Is any other button flashing?

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From the manual:
Mute control is available from the remote handset only. Mute is indicated by the amplifier volume control indicator flashing.

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Thanks gents!

It was just muted.

It’s a strange one, as I don’t have a remote for it. When it happened I used my programmable remote to try and fix it, thinking it was program mode.

The mute button on the remote sorted it.

Not sure how it got to be muted in the first place?

Double bonus, while googling about the remote I found out that an old Arcam remote will operate some of the functions.

Yes, both Arcam and Naim use the Philips RC5 remote control protocol. Not all functions will be the same, but many are.

Could have been a stray signal from a neighbour’s remote.

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