Flat 2 Connection to CD5xs

Player was returned pre lock down due to being moved a few feet and not powering up again i will contact Niam tomorrow see what they say thanks for all the help guys

Good plan. Hope you get it sorted out quickly.

Any news?

Roger that!

Not thus far

Is the Flatcap 2 heading off for a service?

I can play the CD 5xs with the Flatcap 2 connected tried all the different ways to play the CD minus the Flatcap with no avail.
I contacted Naim a couple of day ago with no reply are they still open for biz? as usually get an acknowledgment back
Im getting a bit disenchanted with all things Naim(having to keep it on 24/7) etc
I think back to my Audiolab 8000s tank with sadness

I get that.

I couldn’t see a reason why you might want to use the player without your FC2 unless you were sending the latter off for a service.

Pretty sure Naim will be open but quite possibly running a reduced service at the moment due to Covid-19.

Point taken the caveat to that is it will effect its resale value as mentioned getting a bit peeved with all things Naim and look back at my old Audiolab CD/Amp fit and forget set up
with wish full thinking

Okay, I can see you are seriously hacked off with the Naim player. I get it. Clearly there is something wrong with it because it won’t work without your FC2.

All I was really trying to say was that if the FC2 dates from, say, 2002, and has been unserviced, then it’s possible the performance of the CD5XS with the FC2 is very much impaired.

But your CD5XS needs to be looked at first, as has been demonstrated exhaustively on this thread. And maybe you don’t want to shell out for that as well as a FC2 service, with your Audiolab longings. Hope it works out for you.

Sounds as if the power supply for the inboard DAC has given up, I believe all the FC2 does is power that independently from the transport. Probably an easy fix but annoying as you say. Did you power everything down before unplugging stuff (daft question I know)

Maybe it simply needs a new link plug.

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Er big yes to that!

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Just an update for all, Naim are sending another link plug if that doesn’t do the trick
they will fix the CD player (hopefully FOC)

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Fingers crossed that fixes it. Do let us know.

Good news (sort of) got my CD5xs back from Naim didnt inform me of the problem just fixed it and returned to my local Hi Fi dealer they wanted to charge me the full repair fee
but Sevenoaks very kindly said no still had to pay £145 as Naim deemed it was me that was at fault not very impressed with all that so will stick with playing without the flat cap while i decide wether to keep it.
On first listening it doesnt sound much different to my 70 odd years ears

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