Flat Cap upgrade is it worth it?

I’m wondering if a flat cap used for £350 is worth it to power my stage line and NAC202 instead of the NAP200 currently used. £350 seems
a cheap upgrade.

Or add a napsc.


I have one connected to the 202 but it doesn’t power it just the electronics and sadly they cannot power the stageline even though some early documentation did claim it

It’s a nac202 , napsc, nap200, stageline system

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Ok good, a napsc isn’t not mentioned in your profile, it’s the first upgrade on a 202 to consider.

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NAPSC first, than HICAP. It will be very good balanced system. I’ll not have 202/200 without those.
Leave Flatcap for entry serious, there it is good upgrade.

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A Flatcap can power a stageline but it might not be an upgrade over AUX powering it. It can also power the 202 but again it’s doubtful it’s an upgrade over the power from the 200, especially if the latter is the DR version.

When I started out with Naim I bought a CD5x and then a Flatcap 2x to upgrade it. I liked them so much I decided to change my Rega separates for Naim amps. I did this in stages starting with a 282 powered from the FC into my Rega Maia for a while before going to the dealer to order a hicap but leaving with a year old exdem supercap instead. I compared AUX power to the second FC output (instead of using it for the CD5x) but preferred AUX power for it’s greater musical coherence over the slightly greater detail of direct FC power. Eventually I got the Hicap and the FC returned to just powering the CD player. Compared to the FC the Hicap gave a fuller bodied sound that was more relaxed than the 282 powered from the FC.

Funny who we all seem to get different results, I added a flat cap to my CDi5 and found it made almost no difference whatsoever.


Same experience as PtP. I couldn’t hear much if any difference with my FC either. Can’t remember now what I partnered it with, though.

I’d say forget the Flatcap. Hicap next, preferably HicapDR. Then you will have one of the finest amplifiers available anywhere.


Im running NAC202, HiCap DR, NAPSC and NAP200DR. Great combination!

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Many uses for a Flatcap. Considering adding a Headline at any point? Hicap can be added and applied where best later.


I like my system better when powered from the FlatCap than from the 200DR, it’s something I’ve tested thoroughly long term.

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Flatcap gave good upgrade for amplifier (5) but not for CD5

Do naim still make a flatcap?

No. Discontinued according to website.

Go HiCap. This will be useful if you go 282 in future. If you feel the need for an upgrade I’d start thinking about the next big step up the hierarchy rather than tweaking what you have.

OK, I’ll take that as I’ve never powered a pre from a power amp, only from a FC2x, HC, SC and 552ps and only the 282 and 552 pres. I still reckon a Hicap powering the 202 and stageline via AUX2 would be a better move than a FC2, either x or xs, powering each separately and worth waiting a bit longer to obtain if there’s any prospect of it.

Keep in mind that when the 152xs is powered from the FlatCap separate voltage rails are sent to the gain and filter stages, which is a performance enhancement in and of itself. Not sure if the same goes for the 202, but my guess is that it does. In my system FlatCap is distinctly superior to 200DR, but I acknowledge several other users have reported otherwise, just wanted to share my experience for the OP’s consideration. I agree a HiCap should be an improvement, I have it in my plans.

The 202 has an upgrade connector for a PSC and one for a Cap, the FC can’t be used in place of the PSC upgrade.