Flatcap 2 + NAC 152XS + CD5 Connection?

Is it possible to power my NAC 152 XS and CD5 from one Flatcap 2?

Is there a siginificant difference between flatcap 2, 2x and 2xs?

The connection guide doesn’t really help.

Many thanks in advance and greetings from Berlin

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Yes, it’s possible to use just a single Flatcap 2, 2x or 2xs to power both the pre-amp section of a NAC152xs and a CD5.

Use POWER OUT B via SNAIC5 to power the analogue output stage of the CD5. This is a 22V supply, which was optimised for use with the CD5.

For powering the NAC152xs you have two options, but either would utilise POWER OUT A. If you go for using the Flatcap to power the logic controls then keep the power amp connected directly to the NAC152xs as it will be powering the analogue pre-amp stages. However, if you use the Flatcap for powering the analogue stages then make sure the NAP power amp takes signal from the Flatcap.

The Flatcap2x upgraded the supply so both were 24V. The Flatcap2xs had some minor revisions but improved fascia finish.


Does this help? This is how my system is hooked up. I have never tried the Hicap on the CD

I had the same set up not so long ago. I found that the flatcap on the 152 and a Hicap on the CD5 gave the best sound quality.

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That’s interesting because I have been told that the reverse. I have tried to hook the CD5X up to the Hicap but got no sound. Maybe I was using the wrong terminal on the Hicap. I simply switched the 152 and CD cables round.
Maybe I’ll try again on a different Hicap output. It’s an Olive so they are not configured exactly the same as the previously posted diagram.

If this is all you did then the 155 would still have been connected to the Hicap so no sound.
The 155 would need to be connected to Signal Out A on the FC (Power out A to 152 upgrade 2, Power out B to upgrade 1). Hicap socket 4 to CD5x


22v from FC2 optimal for CD5;
24v from FC2X optimal for CD5X, etc.?

I recently traded my wonderful CD5X and FC2X for an equally+ wonderful ex-dem CD5XS and a new FCXS, the latter currently powering NAT05XS and Headline2; on my way to adding a HCDR to something, one day.

Just trying to keep it all straight! :grin:



Muchos nachos. I will try that out tomorrow!

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Isn’t Muchos Nachos a Mexican restaurant in Chichester? It certainly doesn’t mean thanks a lot. That would be muchas gracias.

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Got the cables switched around without blowing the whole thing up. I was expecting it to sound atrocious from what I had been advised. Certainly more presence and edge. Maybe more space and punch too.
One thing I am still curious about is whether there is a hybrid arrangement whereby the amps (either) might still be able to use the other three terminals on the Olive Hicap as it is now only being used by the CD5x.
Is it worth mentioning also that I am using an SL interconnect between the 152xs preamp and CD? That might seem a bit ridiculous to some but I got tired of the Hiline falling apart and when I heard what the SL could do, even in this relatively basic setup, there was no way back. Running a pair of ATC S10’s at the end of the chain.
Any advice on further alternate wiring combinations welcome. This is very interesting.

Better not try French then :roll_eyes::joy:

The HICAP can only be used to power one item.

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Thanks. The reason I ask is that the way I had it before it was connected to the pre and power. I guess it was only supplying power to the preamp?

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Out of interest, have the FC2 and olive HC been serviced within the last ten years?

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Yes, in that configuration the Hicap is supplying two 24v rails to the preamp. The SNAIC5 is also carrying the L&R signals from the preamp to the power amp via the Hicap and SNAIC4.

When you’re powering the CD5X from the Hicap, it’s using the two 24v rails via the SNAIC5. L&R signals go from the CD5X via the DIN interconnect to the 152.

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I bought both from Signals. The FC probably more than ten years ago. The Olive HC within the last few months. I didn’t think to ask about servicing. Why you ask?

Because I’m pretty sure that it has been reported here that an unserviced power supply can just make things worse. In other words, you might prefer CD5 with 152XS, HC, NAP to any configuration which uses your FC2.

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Thanks James. This is so far over my head. I am much better at just following diagrams.
Now all I have to do is work out which configuration I like best :roll_eyes:

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Worth a call to Signals. I am sure they will be delighted :grinning:

At least it’s working so as you say, have a listen and see what you like best. As Chris mentions, it would be worth getting the FC serviced to return it to peak performance.

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