Flatcap 2 vs Flatcap 2x

Hi. Not for me but for a friend who wants a Flatcap 2. Found one for a good price but it’s the x version. What does it do that the other won’t? Cheers

Has 2 x 24v rails rather than a 22v and 24v one IIRC

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The 22v output on Flatcap 2 was optimised for powering the CD5. I used one to power CD5 on the 22v output and a Stageline on the 24v output.
Worked very well and did wonders for the CD5.

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What is your friend powering?

Thanks guys. He’s powering a Naim cd payer. Not sure if it’s a CD5 or CD5I but from what you said the x will do just fine.

The i version cant be powered externally.

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Thanks. I’ll check that out first, then.

The Output B on the Flatcap 2 was optimised for use on the analogue output section of the CD5 - it’s one of the reasons why the voltage is slightly lower at 22V, because it was found to sound preferable that way.

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Cheers, Richard :+1:

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