Flatcap 2

Hello, can anyone tell me if I can use a Flatcap 2 with my NAC 152XS pre? Thanks a lot,

Yup, should be just fine with a NAC152xs.

Thanks for your very swift reply. Best regards, Robert

It’s worth noting that you can use the Flatcap to power both upgrades on the 152. You’ll need two Snaic 5s to do it.

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A Flatcap 2 is a great idea on the NAC152XS. Do you know when the FC2 was last serviced?

No, I don’t. Could be that it hasn’t been serviced yet.

Thanks for the tip!

Given that it is probably between 15 and 19 years old it might be worth a check.

The Flatcap has 2 rails. One is 24V and the other is 22V. Is it possible them to use them both on my 152XS?

The Flatcap has 2 rails. One is 24V and the other is 22V. Is it possible them to use them both on my 152XS? Thanks again. I’m a newby with Naim…

It’s a good question; if you wish to use both 24V supplies of the Flatcap2 on the NAC152xs it should still be possible, with the caveat that I’ve personally never tried it and that there is the possibility that the 22v supply on Output B may or may not not be enough for the logic control relays (upgrade 1). It would good to hear from anyone who has tried this successfully. But of course, you’re in the perfect position to find out yourself. Failing that, a mail to Naim should confirm one way or another. Either way, I would use Output B for the logic controls (upgrade 1) and Output A for powering the analogue pre-amp circuits (upgrade 2).

Thanks for your reply. As soon as I will have found out, I will post it

Am I right in thinking that it’s only the Flatcap 2 that has the 22V supply? I’m sure the XS, and possibly some other models, have only 24V supplies, so maybe it’s better to choose one of those.

That’s right Chris the XS has two 24v outputs.

When I owned the 152xs I used a Flatcap 2 on Output A and an iSupply on output B.

The 2x has two 24v outputs. I was forgetting that the 2 has a 24 and a 22.

Forgot about the 2x how time passes

IIRC the Output B supply of the original Flatcap 2 was optimised for the analogue stage of the CD5.


Obviously it depends on price and new vs old but given that the extra snaic has a not insignificant cost it might be worth considering a s/h Hicap instead. Although this would only power the analogue section IIRC the improvement should be larger.

My understanding as a NAC152XS owner is that the recommended upgrade path using Naim power supplies is:

  1. FCXS on upgrade 1 input on NAC152XS

  2. FCXS on upgrade 1 and upgrade 2

  3. FCXS on upgrade 1 and HC on upgrade 2

I do admit though that it a couple of years since I bought my NAC152XS and I cannot remember where I read this.