Flatcap 2X Servicing

Quick bit of help please from those who know far more than me…I have a couple of Flatcap 2X powering my equipment, one from 2009 (purchased new) and one that is 2002 (purchased second hand). Should I be looking to get these serviced and what improvements might that bring? Particularly asking as I will likely use Class A in Sheffield due to location (I can personally deliver/pick up if not sit and wait) but Flatcap services are not mentioned on their website. Thanks for any thoughts…

The Flatcaps require servicing just like the other power supplies - by the year of manufacture it looks like both are due.

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Darran will be able to service Flatcaps.

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My experience of the Flatcap is that a Hicap is a significantly better power supply. Rather than spend money on the FCs I’d suggest trading them for s/h Hicaps.

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Thanks for replies. I have just emailed Class A for a price but will also take a look at maybe upgrading one for a hi-cap for the amp.

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