Flatcap 2x v NASPC

I am about to upgrade from NAC 122x to NAC 202. This will be connected up to a Flatcap 2x and NAP 200. But thinking one more step ahead, is swapping the Flatcap for an NASPC the no-brainer that many folk suggest?

To get the best out of the NAC202, you would need the NAPSC and HicapDR. Sell the Flatcap and put the money towards the other PSU’s.

The Flatcap & the NAPSC power two different portions of the pre, so you wouldn’t replace a Flatcap with a NAPSC, but you could keep the Flatcap & add a NAPSC for a slight improvement in performance. When funds allow, replacing the Flatcap with a HiCAP DR would be an ideal combo/better performance.

I had a Flatcap for a few years and, in all honesty, could never really hear what it was bringing to the party. However, hooking up a Hicap to my then 202 was a big upgrade. Later acquisition of a NAPSC was subtle but still worthwhile (especially considering the comparative cost in relation to most Naim gear).

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