Flatcap 2x

I’m new to the Naim scene so please bear with me. I’ve got the Nait 5 CD5 and the Flatcap 2x connected.
My question is what are the spare connections for? Can anyone explain them and what they are for?
Many thanks

A Nait 5, Nait5x, NAC112, 122 etc.
There are two supplies, one for the CD player and one for the pre amp or pre section of a Nait 5x, the three sockets next to that are signal outs as the pre output runs to the power supply before going to the power amp/power section and or a sub. if you don’t use the second output on a CD player it can be used for a Naim phonostage if so desired, then the output next to input two takes the signal from that to a preamp. I’ve used one on a 282 and a CD5x for a couple of years though it’s supposedly no advantage to powering a pre from a Naim power amp, I wasn’t using a Naim power amp at the time.

If all else fails read the manual.

Hi Mick,

Welcome to World of Naim. Nice set you have, more or less what I had when I started in 2007. Back then I had a FC2. I didn’t know what the other sockets were for. These days I have a FCXS. Still don’t know what the other sockets are for.

No need to over-think this stuff. Just so long as your toes are tapping :slight_smile:


But if an update.
I now have the Nap150 on its way and ready to connect to my flatcap 2x.
So here’s the question can I connect a second power amp to signal out B?

Yes you can - Signal Out A,B,C are identical. I’m presuming here that you have your preamp connected to Power Out A…

Yes for the time being I’ll be using the Nait 5 as a pre till I can get a 122

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