Flatcap to Nait 5 and CD5

Hi all,

My dad has my old system and I has the Flatcap (2?) into the CD5.

I thought I would purchase the cable (s) to attached the Flatcap to the Nait 5 too. Looking at the diagram, I would need both a Snaic4 and snaic5?

Is this correct, I need 2x cables for a Flatcap to Nait 5?

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As long as it’s the later Flatcap 2 as in the diagram above, rather than the original Flactcap then yes, you just need an additional SNAIC5 and SNAIC4 to connect the Nait 5.


Thank you @james_n, much appreciated.

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Lucky old Dad! A lovely set of which I have fond memories.


Hi Guys, I was needing the same info as well. I hooked everything up with the same cables (4&5) and didn’t seem to make a difference. There were link plugs in the “signal out A” and I disconnected it to put in the appropriate SNAIC cable, my question is do I need to also reconnect the “link plug” to a diffrent port? Aux 2? Any help would be great…

Hi Steve, No, you don’t. And not into Aux 2 either. Instead you put it back into the box along with the ribbon cable for safe keeping!

The configuration should be as in the sketch above.

My hunch is that you are experiencing little or no difference with the FC2 installed because, by now, it could be around 22 years old. When was your Flatcap2 last serviced?


Yes indeed 22 years old. I’m unsure if it has ever been serviced as I am the second owner and have had it for seven years. The peculiar thing is that the CD5 that is running through the FC2 is substantially more powered than the Nait 5. Should the perceived outputs of the two units be the same, or would the CD5 have a default larger presence than the Nait 5? Even though the output of the Nait 5 is smaller, it still sounds very good and is more volume than I need. Wondering if I just live with it, as I’m in Northern BC, Canada and it’s a task sending it in for service, or bite the bullet and live without it for a while and send it to Europe for a vacation?

I had the same setup years ago and adding a FC2 did give a good improvement, not as massive as adding a HCDR to my SN1, but then the HCDR was a much bigger investment. So I suspct others may well be right in that a service is overdue.

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I’m not sure I understand, isn’t the CD5 plugged into the NAIT5? Or is your tuner a NAT05, and both are feeding a NAIT5?

On Flatcap 2, Power out B goes to CD5, and Power out out A goes to Nait 5, if that helps.

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Yes the Tuner is a NAT05, and both the Tuner and CD5 are feeding into the Nait5, power is feeding from the FC2 to the CD5 and the 4&5 pin SNIACS are between the FC2 and the Nait 5 in the above configuration ^

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Thanks Christopher, that is how it is configured.

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Great, and the relative volume of the CD5 and NAT05 are different when played via your NAIT5, and you’re wondering why?

On paper the NAT05 outputs 600mV, versus the CD player’s 2V. At least according to the best I could find on the specs of the two units

NAT05XS: https://www.naimaudio.com/product/nat05-xs

CD5si (couldn’t find the Naim page for the CD5): https://www.naimaudio.com/product/cd5si

I think you can program the volume range / level per input on the Nait 5.


‘To program the volume control for each input first set the volume control to a comfortable listening level with the loudest source (probably CD). Enter program mode by pressing and holding the prog key until the amplifier volume control indicator flashes. Select the input to be adjusted using the handset and use the vol up and down keys to set the volume to a comfortable listening level. The amplifier volume control will not rotate during this operation. Select a further input to adjust. To exit program mode press and hold the prog key until the volume control indicator stops flashing, or operate any control on the amplifier.’

I have the Nait 5 but never used this feature, so I can only guess. It has a balancecontrol too …


Thank you gthack!


Very interesting Ardbeg10y, Thanks for this, I may give it a try. Cheers to all for your help!


Can a flatcap power two source components or is it configured that one has to be a pre-amp. In other words can one be used to feed a CD5 and a stageline if its not feeding a pre?
Also is a flatcap xs compatible with a CD5(non xs)

Yes, you can use a single Flatcap2/2x/xs on both the analog output stage of a CD5 and on a Stageline. A Flatcap xs can be used on a CD5.

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