Flatcap to subwoofer

Before someone kindly suggests the connection guide - which I have looked at or a search which I have done!..

Please where do I connect the din plug to a flatcap xs? - this is already connected to a CD5X and ~naitXS

I already have the correct din to phono lead which I want to use rather than using a new phono lead from the amp. I’m not sure which socket to pop it into!

Thank you!

You would use one of the flatcap output sockets B or C.

Thank you!

There’s every chance that the pre out via the Flatcap is not optimal for use with a sub, especially with longer cables, unless you have a ‘slugged’ cable with a resistor on it for that purpose. In this case the dedicated RCA sub output on the amp may give better results. Maybe worth giving Naim a call and see what they recommend.

When I had a 122x, which is similar, I was advised that the sub out phono sockets were the best option. A slugged lead is still required.

What’s a ‘slugged lead’ what does it do and where do I get one!

Naim’s sub lead, available in 5m and 10m length, used low capacitance lavender/grey interconnect cable and was “slugged”. IIRC it had a 100R resistor fitted in the DIN plug. This enabled the pre-out in the power supply to drive such a long cable without instability.

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if its using the din off the flatcap are the 2 channels merged and the resistor squeezed in or are 2 phono leads - 1 to each channel better from the XS.

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It’s stereo, so two channels with a resistor on each.

I used to run a sub from a Hicap I bought a din to 1 RCA adapter and plugged a sub lead into that worked a treat I still have if I’ll dig it out later.

I couldn’t find mine but this is the same 4 Pin Din to Left RCA.

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