Flatcap xs card problem moving at the back

I bought a flatcap xs but when I connect the cables to the back, all the connectors move.
As if the card was not fixed?
Is this normal?
Thanks for your help

Most modern Naim gear has “floating” boards/sockets.

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Yes, quite normal. The DIN sockets mount to the PCB and this is located on slightly compliant mounts. You’ll feel a bit of socket flex as you plug in the cables.

ok thank you but if I move the end I can hear tapping inside the plate on the chassis

It’s fine, it’s the decoupling.

ok thanks for the answer and your help

I have a problem all the same I think, when I touch the din 5 which connects the amp I have a crack in the speakers

I would turn it off and make sure all the DIN plugs are fully pushed in to their respective sockets and the collars are locked up.

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I checked that I unplugged the flatcap side and plugged it back in, still the same

I’m assuming you’re using genuine Naim SNAIC cables (a SNAIC4 and a SNAIC5) between Flatcap and Nait ? It sounds like it may be worth taking the Flatcap back to get it checked.

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I’ll do some more tests and let you know, thanks for your help.

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So I was able to tighten the plate of the din plugs, the sound problem in the speakers continues, Naim suspects a ground problem but it only happens on this cable.
could the cable be faulty?

When you say you’ve got a sound in the speakers - what sound ?

I note you have two Naim sources connected to the Nait - is the ND5XS2 ground switch set to floating ?

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I’ll take a look at this I’ll let you know

So I tried both positions it does not change. is this a problem with the snaic?

In fact when I touch the cable its breath in the loudspeaker, if I push it, the same, if I shake the cable slightly I have the repercussion of the gesture in the loudspeakers and even if the amp is muted

You may want to try (with the system powered off) unplugging and plugging in the cables (SNAIC4 and 5) between Nait and Flatcap a few times. Make sure the locking collars are done up on these cables when you’re finished.

If you still have issues then it’s time to get your dealer involved to check out the Flatcap and check the SNAIC cables are OK.

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