Flatcap XS or another for Nait XS3

Hello everyone
What power supply would you recommend for my Nait XS3?
Thanks for your help

I would have to recommend the Hicap DR
With its new discrete regulator on board.
It has simply transformed and greatly improved the sound from my XS2.

It is pricey as an XS3 upgrade, but can be relatively easy to find ex demo or pre loved for less than a new Flatcap XS
Also an additional Snaic 4 is needed for connection with the XS3.

Pretty sure the additional Snaic 4 is also needed for connection with the Flatcap XS too.

It would be a Flatcap, I wouldn’t consider any other power supply (Naim user for 30 + years) , Naim consider it a modification when provided by another manufacturer

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Flatcap XS.



Sorry I did not specify among the Naim power supplies

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When I had an original Nait XS, I compared it bare with using a Flatcap XS and with a HiCap. Of the three, I most enjoyed Nait +FCXS and least enjoyment came from Nait + HC. I found the latter overblown, manic one poster called it, though some like that effect. But an FCXS is quite pricey these days and I’m not sure the modest improvement in SQ is really worth it. Indeed NaitXS3 + FCXS is nearly as much as a SuperNait 3 and Nait + HCDR exceeds it. If it were me I’d be tempted to save my pennies until I could upgrade to SN3, or even SN2 if the phono stage is not needed.


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Flatcap exists for a reason, and is very flexible. I keep one in my system for a variety of duties — currently helping a HeadLine and NAT05XS.



I have also read some people calling that combo becoming “manic”. But I am just confused. What does “manic” mean in terms of sound character? Is it being even more dynamic? Or becoming too forward / in your face?

Your mention of the sound being more “in your face” is a pretty good description. A lot of my listening is to acoustic music, often with fairly straightforward recording and what I look for above all is the sensation of musicians playing in the room in front of me. Adding a HC to my Nait XS made the sound unrealistically forceful, at least to my ears, and that ended up reducing the musical engagement. The FC simply enhanced the sound signature of the Nait with a bit more air, a slightly stronger bass etc, but the change was quite subtle and whether it’s value for money will depend on the listener.

I eventually moved on to a SuperNait and that gave me a much greater improvement in SQ. Different from the Nait XS, but giving a yet more realistic sound, particularly good at reproducing the space in which the musicians were performing.

I have just looked at your profile and noticed you are using a CD5si. Another alternative to adding a PS, and assuming you want to continue using CDs as your main source, would be to change the CD player for a CD5XS. How feasible that would be will depend on the size of the second hand market where you live. But CD5XS/NaitXS is a very nice combination.


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I suppose the “Manic” sound could also be attributed to other components in a system, such as speakers, sources, cables ect. The HCDR does indeed reveal extra detail and add a large dose of extra clarity.

IMO I found my Nait XS2, without HCDR, always sounded best with tonally smoother and warmer sounding speakers.
I could imagine a bright, analytical speaker with the HCDR/XS combo, could possibly be one of the causes of a “manic” sound

The addition of the HCDR does highlight/reveal more of what other components in the chain are capable of.
It can alter the balance and tonality one has already achieved within their system, be it good or bad.
Which is why home demoing is essential.

I wouldn’t use CD5i entry level source, higher up than with 5i amplication.

XS and higher up range, reveal too much, better source required before adding FC (which can power up CD5XS too)

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