Flatcap XS or HiCap DR: XS2 + ND5XS

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Flatcap will not work with the ND5XS you will need the XP5XS

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I have just recently (a few days ago) upgraded my NAIT XS 2 with a HiCap DR and i am very pleased with the results. It has far exceeded my expectations. I haven’t tried a FlatCap and some here say that it’s better matched than the HiCap but i just don’t believe this for one minute. I think the HCDR is an awesome upgrade, it’s quite a leap.

I run also run a ND5 XS 2 with a HiLine, but again some prefer the lavender over the HiLine. I don’t at all, i think the HiLine is significantly better than the lavender even in the context of my system. Horses for courses an all.

P.S i would look at finding a ND XS 2 or NDX 2 also.


I think i now understand your predicament a bit more clearly, a HiCap may not be your best bag for buck at this time. It’s not always easy finding the funds nor the space, time or even the energy for such a system.

Now looking at your situation a bit more clearly, there is a couple of things i will suggest you should look at first - One is a XP5 PSU for your ND5 XS and the other (unless you’ve done so already) is some NACA5 cables, made up professionally by a well seasoned Naim dealer, with the correct plugs to match both your amp and speaker at either end. This can reap huge benefits in performance, for very little funds, in the grand scheme of things? This can also be easily overlooked when looking at upgrading in other areas beforehand too. Indeed it has caught me out in the past and on quite a few occasions l might add. As for the FlapCap, it can power two devices but unfortunately your streamer is not one of those, as already mentioned above. You will only be using one half of it, unless of course you were looking to power say a CD XS series player or a Stageline etc…

I hope i haven’t confused you even more. As always with these things they’re rather relative/subjective for many reasons. Be sure to take your time and if you can home trial then all the better. This is where a good dealer comes in and i think is worth that little extra outlay so to speak.

Best of luck.

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One option would be to buy the best rack you can afford, two Powerlines and a HiLine. Basically, be happy with what you have and just maxx it out.


Hi, I think you should consider 2 options, if your budget can stretch to a hicap dr.
1st is the hicap, I don’t think you would regret this.
2nd is trading your xs2 for a supernait 2. (Not 3 unless you get a cracking deal). In 2017 I traded an xs (original) against a “preloved” supernait 2 and the price to change was similar to the rrp of a hicap. It’s worth considering.

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I started my Naim journey with an XS system (original series): Nait XS, CD5XS. I found that a FlatCap improved the system, to my ears. The improvement was modest but sufficiently worthwhile that I bought one. I also tried a HiCap and to me that changed the sound much more drastically (“manic”, someone called it) and not entirely in a positive way. I did not buy it (then).

My suggested upgrade path would be to change the ND5XS for ND5XS2, then the amp for a SuperNait (2 or 3). I guess even one of these would blow your budget, but there are some good deals on nearly new ex dem SN2s at the moment. With a decent trade-in for your XS2 it should not cost much more than a new HiCap. If neither of these options appeals at the moment, I certainly wouldn’t add a PS without audition. I’m not sure I’d buy either.


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My impression is that people often say that streamers become obsolete faster than DACs, amps etc. because the technology moves on. I don’t think the underlying technology actually changes that much at all. It’s just old fashioned TCP/IP sending packets of data over a network. What does change is the application, as new services become available commercially. If you wait for these to stop changing, you’ll be waiting for the rest of time.

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From what I’ve read of your system, you seem to have a handle on it. Your ND5XS is receiving an excellent stream from Qobuz/Tidal via BubbleUpnp server. Your old streamer is still viable and sounds probably as good as it can. (A PS on it may be an improvement - I don’t know).
If you read the forum enough, you may get the impression that the old streamers are now broken, but that’s far from the truth. As ChrisSU says its just TCP data and there are easy and cost effective ways to keep it running for some time yet as you’ve already done. Even Roon and Chromecast can be made to work. Just takes a bit of reading.

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