Flatcap XS, Q on regulators

I am in the midst of purchasing the faltcap for powering a NAC 282. Whats i unclear to me is the 4 signal outputs A-D. As per website they are:
" It includes four Naim Audio-tested and selected low-noise regulators to achieve its exceptional performance".

Could someone explain/help me to understand what they do and where i use them for?


Each power rail has a regulator. And the Flatcap has two pairs of 24v power rails, one pair for each 5 pin socket.

Are you sure you want a flatcap on a 282? Its natural partner is the hicap.

If funds it the matter, I would even go for a non-DR hicap before a flatcap.

Hi Guinless, Thanks
unfortunately it does not make it more clear for me. The outlet of the flatcap is 24V to a NAC , headline whatever. The signal out seems just a signal. To where would that signal go? and what signal is it?

Hi Ardbeg, appricialte the reply.
Why would you recommend the Hicap vs the flatcap for the 282?
I was recommended the flatcap as also a headlines needed power (and seem not to go along with gear itself :))

FYI: this is the gear I am aiming for (already owning the 250 DR)
NDX2, NaC 282, Headline plus needed power source.

Feel free to give your view.

Did you try the Hicap non-DR (upgrade 1) vs. the Flatcap XS (both upgrade) on a 282?

Well, if you already have the 282, ndx2 and 250 DR, the flatcap would obviously the weak link. It is a bit unfortunate that the old forum is not only yet, but I remember that one posted screenshots of the internals of a flatcap and a hicap. The internals of the hicap were much bigger - bigger trafo, bigger capacitors and also a higher quality of them.

I cannot comment on the headline, I would safe for a dedicated power supply for it.

In my experience, the Headline sounds more balanced with the NAPSC instead of a Flatcap.

You could use the Flatcap for both the upgrade of the 282.


Nope mate. I have tried the most of the Naim permutations NOT.

But what I have discovered is that it mostly work best for me if gear gets paired with the same range both from cost and quality perspective.

So, flatcap xs with nait xs. 202 /282 with hicap etc …

This does not mean that ‘unbalance’ could work out well, but I would be hesitant to use a flatcap on a 282 + a headline. Sounds like tricky business to me.

The regulators are components inside the Flatcap. Any signal references are to audio, the 5 pin DIN from Flatcap to NAC carries signal AND power. You need to Google for “Naim connection manual” :smile:

Power Output A - connects via a SNAIC 5 to a Naim preamp and as Guinless says, provides 2x24v power rails to power the preamp. It also carries the L&R audio signals from the pre-amp, via the power supply to the power amp which connects via a SNIAC 4 to Signal out A (Signal Out B and C are the same as A, Naim recommend using the Signal Out socket closest to the Power Out socket).

Why have multiple outputs ? you may want to bi-amp so you could connect two Naim power amps to Signal Out A and B for example. The same applies for Power Output B / Signal Out D.

I had a Flatcap 2x which was powering the analog circuits of my CD5x when I bought a 282, it was another 2 years befoire I bought a hicap. With both power supplies the signal is taken from the pre amp using the cable that also supplies the DC power, there is only one socket for this, you than take the signal from one of the other three sockets on the power supply (the nearer the input the better) to the power amp. When I had the flatcap I was using a Rega power amp so used two of the power supply signal out sockets using a pair of DIN to RCA cables that carried one channel each. You don’t really need to concern yourself about the voltage regulators, they’re just part of the power supply circuit.
Comparing the two power supplies on a 282, the flatcap made it sound less substantial, fast but lacking in body, I’m told it’s similar to powering directly from a NAP200 (a pre DR one) the Hicap fleshes the sound out and make it sound more relaxed but if anything improved the rhythm while it’s doing it. Using both Flatcap outputs on the 282 is possible but I wasn’t keen on the result, it sharpened the focus by making the sound shrink in scale. Given the choice a hicap is the best option for the 282 sound but you don’t get a headphone supply.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the info. Will be considering the Hicap. Not the outcome I expected and therefore perfect!
I have seen the pictures of Flatcap vs Hicap (google is ur friend). Hicap seems more solid… But thats looking at a picture. Will try to give it a listen as well.

Found the connection guide. Did not make sense couple of weeks back, but with the help above and the explanation of the connection icons it made more sense.
NAIM has a tendency to sent you into the woods with limited information and multiple ways of connection. A nice sounding woods i might add.

Go for the HiCap … perfect partner with the 282 …

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