Flatcap xs Snaic 4 Naim or another model

Hello everyone
For a Flatcap Xs would you recommend the Snaic 4 from Naim or another brand?
I await your suggestions
Thank you and happy holidays to all!

Genuine SNAIC. Others just make cables as only Naim can sell SNAICs.

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Naim SNAIC. Naim seems to be touchy (potential warranty issues?) about using any non-naim cable to carry power to a Naim device.

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Discussion on this forum of non Naim snaics is not allowed.

“ We do not permit discussion of modifications to internal components of Naim equipment and this also extends, at the Moderators’ discretion, to products from other manufacturers and electronic DIY discussion. This also applies to discussion of companies who undertake unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment.

Modification extends to the use of 3rd party or home-made power supplies and any cabling that carries DC power between Naim equipment.”

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