Flatcap XS to power Naim Nait 5

Hi everyone! Just run into Naimt 5 at local dealer. No signs of use (literally) unused remote for 550€ (470£). I was wondering can I use Naim Flatcap XS to power Naim Nait 5 and would it significantly improve sound?

The original Nait 5? Yes you can use the flatcap for that one.

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You can and it would. But bear in mind that the FCXS has a brushed fascia and don’t match. The Flatcap 2 may be a better, and cheaper, bet. It should come with a Snaic 5, and you will need to get hold of a Snaic 4 as well.

Yes A. original Nait 5

The original Nait 5 is a very nice sounding amplifier and benefits significantly from an external power supply. If your loudspeakers are not power hungry, it is a true gem. The flatcap will also give the possibility to power certain Naim CD players if you have one together with the amp.

Make sure you notice what hungry halibut says, you need the snaic 4 and snaic 5.

It will run Totem Arros, small room setup…

Nait 5 is rather old as I remember around 20 years, so a service might be in order no matter how minty it looks.
Not a power house but many ordinary speakers would be a good match.
I ran my Nait 5 with old Royd, Heybrook and Linn bookshelfs - worked a threat.

The amp was in range a few years only, due to being too expensive in making for entry level status, replaced by Nait 5i which is entirely different.

FCXS is fine if fascia aestetics doesn’t matter much to you.

Tnx Hungry, I will look for Flatcap 2 after I spend some time listening.
Also can you tell can I use 5m long Naca 5. I have Naim 1 with Snaic 4 connected to and Totem Mites at work and its so nice sounding small cheap system. Mac with swinsian app is source over little Topping E30 DAC. Asking if 5m is ok for default Nait 1 is 3.6m Naca 4.

Tnx PerF! I will listen for a wile first. Hungryhalibut mentioned Flatcap 2 as good match.

Any Flatcap 2/2X will be fine, not much between them

The Snaic 5 is the lead that connects the Flatcap and the Nait 5.

Yes sorry Naca 4 and 5

If Nac 5 long 5m is ok for Nait 5?

5m of NACA5 would be perfect.

Thanks again Hungry! Great cant wait to start

Congratulations on what looks like could be your ‘new’ Nait 5. A lovely amplifier and I confess it was my Naim gateway drug :wink: Please consider having it serviced if it has not been serviced within the last ten years.

Likewise on your search for a Flatcap2, try and find one which has been serviced. It has been suggested here that an unserviced power supply can make an amplifier sound worse than it would if it was used alone. Not everyone buys the argument. I do.

Good luck and please let us know how it goes.


Thanks Cris! I will let you all know and post few images when I got it running…


Same for me. Very seductive.



yup, yup. same. hooked!

(I used mine with a Hicap 2 and would recommend that the OP save up for one, instead of the Flatcap.)

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