Flatcap XS vs Powerline (Nait XS2)?

Good Afternoon All,

Just a quick question, has anyone compared the two above? Ive heard mixed reviews on the Flatcap and some people have said the Powerline gave a marked improvement over the Flatcap?

I currently have a MAC running into a Topping D90 Dac then the Naim into a set of Definitive audio speakers(it sounds incredible), just wondering if I could make it even better.


Hi, & welcome to the ‘mad house’ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I have never owned your particular amp, but had similar; 122x & 155xs. Added a flatcap xs & it was a good improvement. Later used it on a 202 & it did the job until I got a better supply. I then added improved mains leads to these & they made a difference/improvement. In summary: as long as you haven’t got a ‘dirty’ mains supply, either will be an improvement; get the most affordable, then, when funds allow, the next upgrade.
Most importantly: enjoy the journey, if possible audition at home (a GOOD dealer helps) & you won’t go far wrong :+1:

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Thank you for your reply, it’s really interesting to get other peoples views. I will try get a dealer demo but I always feel like I’m putting dealers out when I say “It’s not what I expected”, I did it with two sets of speakers a while ago and felt really pressured to keep a set when I didn’t like them.

Sorry to hear that, maybe it’s time to use a different one. I am very lucky in that my local dealer is wonderful - there’s quite a few on here that purchase from them. Always remember that they are there to give a ‘quality service’ & it’s your money that keeps them going. As long as you’re not asking TOO much they will get a loyal customer for life.
As a slight aside: there are plenty of excellent value mains lead recommendations on the forum & do a very good job - with not a lot to lose.


I also have not owned an XS2 but I did put a FCXS on my one time Nait XS and now with my NAC152XS, NAP155XS and have been very pleased with it.

My general approach is to stick with the stock cables and add the boxes. Once I attained the boxes I wanted, the icing on the cake was a Graham’s Hydra.

Hope that helps. Welcome.


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